Under a dictatorship, a nation ceases to exist.

Under a dictatorship, a nation ceases to exist. All that remains is a fiefdom, a planet of slaves regimented by aliens from outer space (Wole Soyinka)

The brutal ruling style of President Kagame, which propagates fear among Rwandans wherever they are in the world, is a proof that sometimes dictators spread terror far beyond their national borders. As highlighted in the heading of this brief discussion, the Nigerian Nobel price Wole Soyinka describes, in simple few words, how terrible is the plight of people subjugated to dictatorship regimes around the world, and how deeply regrettable are consequences of allowing a dictatorship to be nurtured, slowly settle down, strongly be matured and finally become firmly established in one’s nation, often in the eyes of a naïve or a conspiring international community.

This is exactly what happened in post-genocide Rwanda run by the state engine known as RPF, a political party whose president is Kagame. The people of Rwanda have committed a collective suicide by surrendering to fear and accepting to be ruled by a gang of terrorist. At the same time, the International Community favored, extended and perpetuated genocide acts in Rwanda and in the great lakes region in general by massively supporting and protecting the most despotic dictatorial regimes of the African continent today. This behavior of the international community can be partly explained by the fact that western superpowers were unable to prevent or stop the genocide against the tutsi in 1994, which resulted in their policies towards Rwanda being driven by a strong guilt-sentiment. This made these world masters to be netted and controlled in a genocide remorse-cage, and to be blackmailed by a serial killer who has been good at trading the genocide against total impunity and full protection for countless monumental crimes of terrorism, genocide and crimes against humanity that he continuously committed ever since early 1990s to date both in Rwanda and in the whole region of the African great lakes.

It is obvious that western democracies are fully aware of the unacceptable nature and of the extreme level of speech freedom obliteration and human rights abuse by the cruel regime of President Kagame. They know well that RPF forces under the command of Kagame systematically massacred hundreds of thousands of Rwanda civilians, mainly of hutu ethnic, who were butchered like beasts just as the genocide against the tutsi was taking place in parallel, and afterwards. They are, of course aware of the RPF’s role in the 1994 genocide against the interior tutsis. But, for unknown reasons, most international broadcasters, researchers, diplomatic missions and NGOs failed to report or denounce these atrocities, and simply chose to limit their investigation field to the killing of tutsis by the hutu executioners. This has been quite well documented and Rwandans are sincerely thankful for that, but still, one main question remains unanswered: why the search for truth has never been and is not being extended to atrocities committed by Kagame forces and his suspected role in the genocide?

This behavior of West States and Development Agencies becomes more astonishing when suspicions arise that the UN International Criminal Tribunal established for prosecuting crimes of genocide and other crimes committed in Rwanda between year 1990 and july 1994, ICTR, was primarily used not to prosecute genocide perpetrators and other criminals but to cover up Kagame and his RPF for their unconceivable criminal records during the considered period of time. In truth, Kagame’s gang of ill-doers has taken and held hostage Rwanda and partly the DRC for now over two decades and the world is just watching in a strange absolute silence. Deplorably, US, UK, Canada, the UN and many EU states, have opted for allowing or inducing the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda-ICTR to serve as a powerful truth destruction instrument in order to mask all the scandalous facts that may expose Kagame’s crimes against humanity and those of terrorism. It is hard to believe that until the last day of the ICTR’s extended mandate, no single member of Kagame’s RPF band of criminals had been indicted or arrested by this tribunal! WHY?

Chilling is also the reality that powerful figures including international prosecutors, like the Gambian Lawyer Hassan Bubacar Jallow and his predecessor former Swiss attorney general Carla Del Ponte, were used or are believed to have been used, the latter in a less fathomable way, to clean Kagame’s image with the intention to make him be seen as a non-criminal hero. Another truth is that some international NGOs and their leaders were turned into Kagame/RPF propagandists sometimes working hand in hand with the Department of Military Intelligence, for example the somalian lawyer Ms Rakiya Omaar, Director of the Human Rights NGO African Rights, who acted more as an RPF/DMI agent than a leader of an international human rights non-governmental Organisation.

This makes it almost certain that if Kagame is allowed to stay in power after2017 and if he keeps enjoying an undisturbed freedom to suppress human rights in total impunity, there will unavoidably be a time soon, may be very soon, when death, terror and international corruption will cease to serve as a means to crush Rwandans’ rights. This is the time when the power to silence the spirited and desperate freedom-thirsty people of Rwanda will fade away like a shriveled flower in a desert. And, Kagame’s Dictatorship, irresistibly entrapped in a violently speedy wave of change, shall cede and surrender in front of the unstoppable will of the people to stop evil from flourishing.

Fortunately, the worse is still avoidable, through sincere dialogue among Rwandans from all political tendencies, and through an objectively profitable mutual partnership between the world superpowers and the people of Rwanda, not between them and Kagame as an individual with his RPF.

Mirabyo Mendez
February 1th, 2016