Unveiling Pragmatic Play’s Release the Kraken Slot

By James Billcliffe

  1. Introducing Pragmatic Play’s Release the Kraken Slot 
  2. Exploring the Mythology of the Legendary Kraken 
  3. Taking a Closer Look at Gameplay Features and Symbols 
  4. Discussing Potential Rewards and Payouts 
  5. Examining Special Features and Bonus Rounds  
  6. Assessing Mobile Compatibility and Platforms Supported 
  7. Final Thoughts on Pragmatic Play’s Release the Kraken Slot

Introducing Pragmatic Play’s Release the Kraken Slot 

Unleash your inner sailor with Pragmatic Play’s Release the Kraken slot. For those unfamiliar, this colossal cephalopod has been featured in two timeless classics of 19th century literature: Moby Dick and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. 

Although stories of its legendary size circulated long before these books were released, their popularity solidified it as a mainstay in our collective imagination.

Exploring the Mythology of the Legendary Kraken 

For centuries, the Norse Sagas detailed a tentacled behemoth that caused fear and trepidation in seafarers. Now Pragmatic Play and 1xBet IIndian online casino real money has brought to life this same menace with their slot game, offering players an opportunity for massive rewards—but beware of its capacity to haunt even your most frightful nightmares!

With its eye-catching graphics, Pragmatic’s latest game invites you to explore the mysterious depths of the ocean. The semi-transparent 5×4 board is settled over an ancient shipwreck and players can select from 1 up to 10 coins per line with coin values ranging from 0.01 -0.50 for a rewarding gaming experience!

Taking a Closer Look at Gameplay Features and Symbols 

Players can place bets anywhere from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin and match up symbols of three or more on the 20 paylines for a payout. With 4/5 lightning bolts, this game is still quite volatile despite not being Pragmatic Plays most extreme setting. 

Release the Kraken ships with confidence as it has an RTP rate of 96.5% awaiting any players who are willing to take their chances!

The paytable of this game is divided into low and high paying symbols. Low pays are the classic card royals, ranging from Jack to Ace, that offer no particularly marine-oriented special features. 

High pays feature four delightful aquatic characters – a charming green fish, an amiable blue fish, an endearing turtle, and a mischievous shark – all with a friendly Finding Nemo vibe about them! To top it off five of the game’s logo symbol will provide you with 25 times your stake as reward for matching it on any active line!

Discussing Potential Rewards and Payouts 

The ordinary wild is as valuable as any other symbol, with the exception of Bonus, Free Spins, or Chest Bonus symbols. Additionally, there are a few other wilds that can be activated in the “Features” section. After your first few spins on this game from Pragmatic’s catalogue (aside from theme), you may find it difficult to distinguish it from its peers.

Uncover the secrets of the Kraken with Pragmatic Play’s exciting new slot game. 

Featuring Random Spin features that can be triggered at any time, three tentacles appear over the reels and wave ‘Pick Me’ signs. When chosen by a player, one of these spin modifiers is unlocked:

Examining Special Features and Bonus Rounds

Kraken Lockin Wilds: This exciting feature brings a whole new wild to the game. Players get three chests on the reels that they must open one by one. If you click ‘More Wilds’, there will be more Kraken Wilds added to your screen – and if you happen to select ‘All Wins x2 and Collect’ instead, not only it multiplies any win value but also ends this exceptional bonus round! Last but not least, after clicking ‘Collect’, players can take their wins while ending the feature at once.

Colossal Kraken Wilds: You better prepare yourself for an even greater surprise with this colossal 3×4 wild which is sure going to appear in your reel experience – although it might cover anything between 1-12 positions depending on luck!

For every spin, at least one wild will be added to the reels and cause adjacent symbols to become wild too. During Random Spin mode, special wilds are in play that can substitute any symbol except Bonus, Free Spins or Chest Bonus symbols.

Assessing Mobile Compatibility and Platforms Supported 

It’s time to explore what these symbols can do. If bonus symbols appear on reels 1 and 3, with a Chest Bonus on reel 5, the Sunken Treasure Bonus will be initiated – three chests will show up which players then open one at a time. 

You are not restricted to any specific number of picks; you may keep opening chests until ‘Collect’ is found in one of them and the feature ends. Uncovering cash prizes along the way!

Last but certainly not least, the Roaming Kraken Free Spins feature is the highlight of this game. 

It’s activated with Bonus Symbols on reels 1 and 3 along with a Free Spin icon on reel 5. Even better, players are rewarded for their luck by selecting from chests that reveal either +1, +2, or +3 spins! You’ll usually be awarded 10 free spins (this was true during our trial run), so your chances to win big increase tenfold!

When playing Roaming Kraken Free Spins, players can enjoy a captivating experience with 40 paylines instead of the regular 20. 

To add to this exciting gameplay, they’ll also benefit from an increasing win multiplier that begins at x1 and increases by +1 every time a wild lands on the reels and sticks around! The game only ends when you see the “Collect” message flash up again – so get spinning today for your chance to rake in big wins!

Release the Kraken (Pragmatic Play): Overview

Uncovering hidden treasures has never been this fun! Players who enjoy discovering chests will be delighted with Pragmatic Play’s Release the Kraken. Every time we unlocked a chest, it was always accompanied by four of them – no matter which feature type you were playing on. This remarkable consistency makes for an enjoyable and rewarding experience every single time!

Undoubtedly, this could have been pure luck; however, it was peculiar. 

Its consistency began to be entertaining after a certain point. Four seemed to be the magical number: always on the fifth spin would come up ‘Collect’. This held true for both Kraken Free Spins and Sunken Treasure feature alike.

Through playing the free spins feature (we played a minimum of 30 times) we observed further repetition. If no wilds appeared in the first spin, more often than not they would land on the second one – making us suspect something was up! It became so obvious after some time that it sapped all anticipation and excitement out of our game experience.

Final Thoughts on Pragmatic Play’s Release the Kraken Slot

With Release the Kraken, Pragmatic Play has crafted a slot that bears close resemblance to their previous title – Hercules & Pegasus. Not only are features activated in comparable manners but each session plays out identically as well: fast-paced and unpredictable! 

Although you can aim for an extraordinary 10,000x your stake winnings, the game might take two totally different routes – either rewarding you generously or costing much more than anticipated. 

Regardless of which way it flips, one thing remains certain; this is a powerful tide that’s not easily tamed!

Just like the legendary figures of Hercules and Pegasus, or Aladdin and the Sorcerer, luck plays a major role in success. Every session will bring different results; many times resulting in striking triumphs – Kraken wins as they are named within this game. However, one must be wary for much like Captain Nemo discovered, its powerful tentacles can crush dreams with ease just as if it were paper cups being crushed beneath them.