Rwanda: Update from the other war that I don’t want to mention at the moment.

By Gakwerere

* A battalion of special forces with specialised equipment on the ground.

* Two MI – 24 ground attacking helicopters have been deployed.

* 31st Brigade of the 4th Division that operates in Southern districts of Rwanda are leading the sweeping operations.

* DMI operatives are arresting people around the area for suspicion of supporting the attackers who have been operating in the area for the last two weeks. Obviously, these innocent citizens will be tortured and summarily executed. We all know how DMI operates.

* Forget the circus that it’s RDF attacking RDF for a pretext to attack Burundi. Remember, this area is a tourist designated area/place for “visit Rwanda,” thus, Criminal Paul Kagame can’t play such games in this particular place.

Apparently, the economic situation in the country can’t allow criminal Paul Kagane to play such games, he needs the green cash.

Remember, he has clandestinely destroyed tourism sectors of neighbouring countries in order to attract those tourists to Rwanda. Case studies, he role in Burundi, DR Congo and Uganda. Thus, he can’t play insecurity games in his kingdom.

Yes, he may use the situation to attack Burundi, but the economic situation, internal political situation and regional dynamics are against him. He isn’t suicidal as people think. Skinny man loves life and his power. A person who was a coward during the NRA and RPF/RPA bush wars, you can’t expect him to be suicidal when he has everything.