Urgent Global News Release – Kagame Announces New Achievements and Plans For The Period 2017-2020

Kagame has just announced that he will complete by 2018 two railroads from Kigali to Mombasa Kenya and To Tanzania port Dar Es Salaam. The delay in completion of the two projects has been overcome by large discovery of huge deposits of diamonds in North Rwanda. Crystal Ventures Ltd in partnership with the Kingdom of Morocco state company has already exported US$2 billion of the new found wealth.

These two railroads will enable Rwanda to export Volkswagen vehicles that will be manufactured in the country beginning of 2017. Airbus is also inquiring about acquisition of land to assemble light aircraft for Africa market.

Meanwhile, Kagame has just announced the completion of the long-awaited Methane Gas and Peet Energy Plants. Instead of the promised 1,000 Megawatts by 2017, Kagame will double that amount to 2,000 Megawatts.

Because of the abundance of power in Rwanda, companies are lining up to build factories and employ thousands of workers not only from Rwanda but from the entire region, stretching all the way to Egypt and South Africa.

Kagame concludes that Rwanda Vision 2050 has been accelerated. Instead of reaching high income levels in 2050, this will be achieved in 2020. Per capita income in Rwanda will in three years from now hit $15,000.


Reporting from Kigali is our correspondent and political satirist John Karemberi, December 23, 2016.