Vasco Ka Game Has Landed In Russia 🇷🇺 😂

By David Himbara

Soon after exploring the land whose coordinates are 56.1304° N, 106.3468° W that is known as Canada, Vasco Ka Game continued his explorations.

Vasco Ka Game then discovered another land whose coordinates are 61.5240° N, 105.3188° E. This land which Vasco Ka Game just started mapping is known as Russia.

Upon discovering the land of Russia, Vasco Ka Game was introduced to its ruler known Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin then informed Vasco Ka Game that he had landed in Russia in good time to watch what is known as the World Cup. This is a game in which men just kick the ball — Vladimir Putin explained to Vasco Ka Game.

Vladimir Putin then persuaded Vasco Ka Game to suspend his global voyages for the time being and watch men kick the ball. Men come from all the corners of the world to kick the ball. Vladimir Putin assured Vasco Ka Game that he would enjoy men kicking the ball.

Vasco Ka Game accepted the offer and suspended his global voyages for the time being.😂