Victoire Ingabire’s book will be released on Amazon soon!

By Gakwerere

Few days ago I wrote about Victoire Ingabire’s forthcoming coming book which will be released on Amazon soon. I warned on the pending arrest of those who have been visiting her prison. I pointed out how on her last book which was released three years ago, top prison bosses, Gen Rwarakabije and Mary Gahonzire were summarily sacked for failing to detect the smuggling of written transcripts from the prison, or know that she was writing a book while on her prison jail.

And a crackdown on regular visitors of Victoire Ingabire proceeded, with some losing their lives and others getting imprisoned.

With the newest book to be released soon, the criminal regime is following the same operandi modus for those that they suspect to have helped her smuggle from her prison jail where she is languishing written transcripts for her forthcoming book.

Today 6th September 2017, in the evening, members of Dan Munyuza’s specialised Police unit moved in to arrest FDU members and main visitors to Victory Ingabire. The arrested are:
1.Boniface Twagirimana( Vice-president Rwanda branch)
2. Twagirayezu Fabien (Head of mobilisation Rwanda)
3. Gasengayire Leonille(Deputy cashier of the party)
4. Alphonse
5. Julien

and others

At the moment no one knows where the above individuals have been taken.