Vient de paraître: Les Interahamwe du FPR- RPF Killers (Jean Kambanda)

English version:

Victim of injustice by the Office of the Prosecutor for the ICTR, Jean KAMBANDA, Prime Minister of the interim government from April to July 1994, decides in November 10, 2011 to send a letter to the President of the Tribunal at the time, Khalida Rachid Khan, in which he delivers his version of the facts about the planning of the genocide of the Tutsis as well as the genocide of the Hutus by General Paul Kagame.

This book is based on the content of that correspondence. Along with testimonies and supporting evidence, he defends the thesis of «Interahamwe of the RPF» and demonstrates that they are hired-killers, created, organized and led by the Rwandan Patriotic Front now in power in Rwanda.

Edition Bilingue: français-anglais / Bilingual edition: French-English

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