Rwanda after Paul Kagame’s incapacitation: RPF Inkotanyi Plan Z

RPF has started to think of Plan Z after Kagame is gone or confirmed incapacitated as it has been rumored lately. There are four power players who will not let go of the RPF to keep it in power. This is a message to warn the diaspora, political parties in exile and everyone who truly wants to see the regime change in our beloved Rwanda. It is not meant for the Western powers who would rather prefer to protect their interests than seeing a real change in socioeconomic wellbeing of the Rwandan poor class. In my previous articles, I cautioned you to be careful in devising strategies for post-Kagame Rwanda. 

I will not come back to Paul Kagame’s deadly disease I mentioned a few months ago (whether it is suicidal schizophrenia or brain cancer) despite some new developments about taking chemotherapy drugs in Israel and being almost incapacitated. My concern this time is “how ready are we to ensure the continuity of Rwanda’s economic progress and address the gross human rights violations committed by and under RPF leadership?” 

A few people ever dreamed that the leadership of Paul Kagame and RPF would come to an end. Fellow compatriots, let me remind you that only God Almighty can determine the course of events. It is not about a human being to predict the future no matter how much they are praised or called the twin brother of Christ Jesus. I personally don’t believe in clairvoyants or fortune tellers. Also, let me remind you that a few people thought Juvenal Habyarimana’s rule would ever end (sorry for his dedicated fans). I do not worship any human being. I don’t care how much they aggrandize themselves, be they in Africa or in the West. Let’s focus on the four power players and RPF plan Z.

The four power players 

Now that Paul Kagame’s end is imminent (or will eventually happen), the players like Jeannette Kagame, James Kabarebe (in partnership with Dan Munyuza), Kagame’s daughter (Ange Kagame), and the Rwandan senate speaker (Augustin Iyamuremye, who is constitutionally legal successor) are throwing their hats in the playfield. Jeanette Kagame has mobilized the military mostly from Burundi on her side. She has been eliminating some RDF officers from Uganda, especially in the presidential guard unit and other high military command departments. The second players James Kabarebe and Dan Munyuza believe they can combine the rest of RDF and RNP (Rwanda national police) officers on their side. They strongly believe they can easily organize an unchallenged military coup. 

It was recently reported that the third player, Ange Kagame has been courting some RDF officers to join her side. While she is the de-facto chief of staff and chief of protocol in Village Urugwiro, she believes she can easily become our next president in transition and eventually claim that Rwandans dearly love her to become their leader for life as her father used to say. The fourth player is Augustin Iyamuremyi with less chance of becoming the transition president despite the constitutional legality clause.

RPF Inkotanyi Plan Z

Dear compatriots, pay attention to this. Never underestimate RPF inkotanyi. Remember what they did after taking power in July 1994. They installed Pasteur Bizimungu as the first president for six years, by then Kagame was the vice president. Faustin Twagiramungu was made the prime Minister. They executed the likes of Frodouald Karamira. Does this ring a bell? RPF plan Z is to let the four power hungry grabbers fight knowing they will not achieve their aspirations. Therefore, the RPF masterminds will intervene to resolve the impasse. Inkotanyi have always saved Rwanda, right? RPF will call on the diaspora and all the political parties in exile to come back to Rwanda with open arms. They will easily get registered and start operating. A good example is the Rwandan Greens and other non-functional political parties currently in the Forum. 

Do not be surprised if they even make Victoire Ingabire, Faustin Twagiramungu, Gilbert Mwenedata, Padiri Thomas, Diane Rwigara, Theogene Rudasingwa, Bernard Ntaganda, Kayumba Nyamwasa, David Himbara either to be the next president or join the transitional government for three to five years. They always want scapegoats. They would do this to save their image to the international community because everybody knows that Paul Kagame has been one of the worst tyrants in Africa. Once the RPF Inkotanyi regains the trust of the West, they will kick the opposition parties and individuals out again. They will pick one of the four power players (likely Jeanette or Ange) to be the real president. You can imagine what will happen to the newly registered political parties. How about the people-centered leaders like Victoire Ingabire, Diane Rwigara or Faustin Twagiramungu? 

This is a call to rethink our strategies. RPF Inkotanyi is not a baby that was born yesterday. They are good at crafting wicked, divisive, and devilish strategies. They are cunning. They always want to portray an angelic image, yet they execute the likes of Kizito Mihigo. They smile at you and kill the same night. They play God. They are dedicated to holding onto power until the last one is dead. It is no longer Tutsi patriotism but the advancement of the inner circle interests. God has heard the cries of Rwandans. He knows we need a change. However, he wants us to be ready to take over and bring lasting peace. If we really love and want to advocate for voiceless Rwandans, we should uproot the RPF Inkotanyi and make real people-centered changes. 

Welcome to new Rwanda.

Bella Baine Burasa