By Gideon Rukundo Rugari

General Fred Ibingira’s 3 storied building in Kicuciro was brought down on Paul Kagame’s orders. Before being put under house arrest, Gen. Ibingira came to inspect what had befell his house and had something to say:

“What’s the difference between people who have done this and Interahamwe who were mercilessly whacking fellow humans with clubs”? – He knows his country is structurally already destroyed.

Ibingira had been reported to Paul Kagame by Dan Munyuza on a false accusation that he, (Ibingira) was working with Uganda, which is the same accusation that nearly had Dr Richard Sezibera killed. Dan Munyuza personally delivered the poison to UK, but was smart enough to visit many other European capitals to conceal where he had laid a trap. 

Before Paul Kagame could deal with Gen Ibingira in the way he knows best, it emerged that Gen James Kabarebe was running businesses worth millions of dollars, in Congo, Kenya and other neighbouring countries. Paul Kagame had investigated and knew Gen Ibingira was innocent but would have gone along to destroy him since he now had an excuse. 

News coming out of Gen Kabarebe’ s business empire saved Ibingira, Paul Kagame is smart enough to know he can’t handle two 4 star Generals simultaneously. The other 4 star Generals Rwanda has are Gen Gatsinzi, a retired former officer in the Habyarimana regime who is elderly and no influence in RDF, General Kabarebe, General Ibingira, General Nyamvumba and now Gen John Bosco Kazura. Out of the five, Nyamvumba, Kabarebe & Ibingira are individuals Paul Kagame can’t trust, even in retirement. Only Nyamvumba and Kazura are active.

Ibingira was therefore rehabilitated, ( he had been under a serious destructive program), and appointed Commander of the reserve force ( Inkeragutabara), the ones who appear in a video, on a long march to Fizi, South Kivu. They are working together with a Burundi rebel group called RED TABARA that Paul Kagame is using to take power in Burundi by force of arms. 

But Ibingira had already lost his house – probably Paul Kagame compensated him and added disturbance fees. This does not mean that Paul Kagame will not destroy him once he has delt with other pressing issues, especially Gen James Kabarebe. 

Gen Kabarebe has proved a hard nut to crack because, it’s not easy to take control of businesses run from without one’s sovereign territory. However, two of Gen Kabarebe’s business Managers have since disappeared. They were lured from UK and Nairobi, arrested at the airport and have never been seen again by anyone.