During swearing –in ceremony of new leaders before us on public television, on this November 14,2019 in extremely boasting , arrogance and shameful speech, Kagame has placed himself beyond constitution and other laws, above all people and their dignity and above God who gives life, and frightens Rwandans to take them lives and or put them in jail.

We would like to remind Kagame that all Rwandans have right to life and to freedom. We are so tired of repeatedly hearing Kagame counting days of our fellow citizen aiming to terrorize them or put them on pressure whatsoever.

In his speech, Kagame appeared before Rwandans in extreme arrogance and shameless words that normally shouldn’t be heard from somebody so called the head of state especially the so called leader of Rwandans. In his words, Kagame said that he wants to warn some people who hide behind things he wants and that are his first responsibility, but later he called them “ nonsense” !

Couple of things to remind Kagame:

1.We would like to tell you that we know very well that you are the one who caused the country all suffering and all kind of problems we are passing through. You are the one who started the genocide by shooting down the presidential airplane and therefore, you started the genocide. You know it and we know it!

2.The blood you are here mentioning shamelessly is the blood of our parents, brothers, sisters and relatives, brief of our citizens and of the friends of Rwanda and Rwandans. You are not the only one who lost yours. The war and genocide are the problem of the country. They are not your private or your special things! You are the instigator not the victim. You know it and we know it!

3.Everybody knows that you are the enemy of good politics, peace, democracy and freedom. You know that how you organize election, how you crackdown on all kind of freedom. You know it and we know it!

Nobody belongs to the prison, if was so, you could be the first to have a permanent place down there. You are not supposed to praise yourself that you have the right and capacity to send people to the prison. That is the role of justice and you are no a judge.

You should not boast and lift yourself up and say that you have the right and capacity to take away Rwandans’ lives. You are not a God.

We have recently counted dozens of Rwandans murdered by your security services on your order… over 60 people only in this year. Shot without being sued, prosecuted or tried before any court of law.

You are supposed to serve the country basing on laws, you are not above the laws. We are tired of your frightening speeches putting people on pressure and here we warn you back:

Us “ABARYANKUNA” gathered in Rwandan Alliance for the National Pact, we will not tolerate Kagame’s awful deeds that take lives of our people. His bad words and his bad plans put him in “position of an enemy of the nation to fight rather than a president to support and back!”

We therefore call for all our members and for all other Rwandans to stand ready to refuse this tragedy and series of persecution Kagame is preparing and publicly announce on public television. The history cannot repeat itself on our eyes, enough is enough.

Let “Never again” not be only on genocide, but also to all bad things…Never again to crackdown on political persecution, on freedom of being alive, of speech, of association, of belief… Never again to dictatorial regime!


Permanent Secretary

RANP-Abaryankuna HQ.