What Are Benefits of These 4 Unusual CBD Products

Pretty much every medium speaks of CBD products and their health benefits. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a cannabis derivative that has been in the mainstream since 2018 due to its therapeutic body benefits, such as pain and inflammation relief, seizures relief, sleep improvement, and anxiety reduction.

You may know about the most popular cannabidiol products like tinctures, vapes, capsules, gummies, and others. Yet, the CBD market evolves every day, offering more and more new CBD-infused products to the table. In this guide, you will learn about some of the unusual and efficient CBD goods.

CBD Flowers

CBD oil gets extracted from the CBD-rich hemp plant, an industrial cannabis strain. Hemp flourishes, so it has flowers that contain a lot of CBD in them.

While hemp flowers are one of the least unusual CBD products in the market, you can benefit from them in many unique ways. Here’s a short list of CBD flowers benefits:

  • Hemp flowers are universal regarding usage. You can add them to your meals, vape them, or smoke them.
  • Smoking or vaping hemp flowers triple CBD’s bioavailability.
  • Hemp flowers contain over 100 cannabinoids that improve health synergistically.
  • Hemp flowers are diet-friendly, as they contain zero calories and cholesterol.

CBD Toothpaste

CBD toothpaste is the newest addition to dental care. Essentially, it’s a regular toothpaste that contains cannabidiol. This combination can do wonders for your mouth cavity and teeth. 

Your mouth has a mucous membrane located under your tongue. Once you take CBD under your tongue, your mucous membrane absorbs it, and it goes directly to your bloodstream.

The same thing happens when you brush your teeth with CBD toothpaste. In this way, more CBD can enter your blood and improve your health

Also, cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It relieves gum inflammation and kills bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Additionally, CBD contributes to tooth mineralization, improving their strength. Lastly, many people use CBD oil for tooth pain due to its analgesic effects.

CBD Infused Water

CBD-infused water is simply water that contains dispersed CBD oil. It’s made through nanoemulsification. In essence, it means that CBD gets split into tiny droplets that infuse with the water.

Why Take CBD-Infused Water?

First and foremost, your body consists of 60% water, while conventional CBD is hydrophobic and oily. Since oil and water don’t match well together, your body struggles to absorb CBD.

CBD-infused water solves this issue. A water emulsion containing microscopic CBD drops can penetrate your cells much better than comparatively huge drops of regular CBD oil.

For instance, if you take 20 mg of regular CBD oil, you will leave your body with only 1.2 mg of CBD to work with. But if you take a glass of CBD infused water containing the same cannabidiol amount, your body will absorb 12 mg of CBD.

This approach makes nanoemulsified cannabidiol ten times more bioavailable than the regular one. As a result, CBD water is way more efficient – it takes effect within 10-20 minutes.

CBD Suppositories

If you can’t take CBD orally for whatever reason, there is always another way. CBD suppositories allow you to get efficient CBD treatment through your backside. They work similarly to CBD sublingual drops.

Rectal or vaginal CBD gets absorbed and offers local and systemic relief. CBD suppositories help with:

  • Menstrual cramps.
  • Back pain.
  • Pain during sexual contact.
  • Prostate issues.

CBD also boosts pelvic blood circulation and relaxes pelvic muscles.

How to Get the Best CBD Product?

If you google for CBD goods, you will stumble upon hundreds of CBD brands. One sells CBD goods at $50, while another does so at $150, so it’s often challenging to select the right one. You can follow these tips to choose the best product:

  • Prioritize CBD brands that publish lab results for their products. Make sure CBD goods don’t include heavy metals and other contaminants. Also, make sure your CBD product contains 0.3% THC by dry weight.
  • Opt for organic, naturally grown hemp – it’s the healthiest cannabidiol source. For this, choose certified American and European CBD brands.
  • Pay close attention to customer feedback and CBD reviews.
  • Lastly, make sure you get the best price. Read reviews and opt for brands that sell CBD between $0.05 – $0.20 per milligram.

Final Thoughts

New CBD products provide their consumers with previously unavailable CBD medic benefits and improve treatment routines. You can diversify your CBD regimen with new CBD options – CBD toothpaste, hemp flowers, suppositories, and CBD-infused water. Buy CBD from reliable and certified suppliers to get the most advantage from this supplement.

About Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor is a health expert and a CEO of ValidCBDOil, a CBD review hub. Jamie has been working as a physician’s assistant for over ten years, treating chronic pain and neurological conditions. He established ValidCBDOil after the US government legalized CBD for general and medical use. Jamie helps his readers select the best CBD products and learn about CBD’s therapeutic potential.