What Are the Best Affordable Window Treatments for A Small Apartment?

Small spaces can be exciting to decorate. The lack of space is the perfect backdrop for working out your creative magic. 

With house prices going through the roof, many young home-owners are selecting apartments as their first property venture. For young professionals and students, small apartments are the most practical solution, especially if they are looking to stay in the downtown. However, a small space does not automatically translate into a cramped dwelling. There are plenty of ways in which a tight space can be decorated to achieve a smart and well-proportioned layout. A bit of organization, and improvisation is all you need to create the illusion of space withing the narrow confines of a small apartment. 

How to Create the Illusion of Space in a Small Apartment

While renters might find it difficult to work around the architectural layout of the apartment, there are some creative interior decoration solutions that can both optimize and create a style impact for the available space. 

Play with Light: It is important that light gets a chance to reach the farthest reaches of the room. This will alleviate any feeling of stuffiness and brighten up the whole scene. Make sure that there is little barrier in front of it, whether in the form of window coverings or artifacts. Even when the windows are in the farthest corner of the room, make good use of large mirrors to allow the light to evenly spread around the whole room. Paint the room white to ensure most of the light gets reflected back into the room. 

Monochromatic Theme

A monochromatic theme brings fewer visual interruptions. With a clever selection of similar colors, you will be able to blend in a lot of storage and furnishing features into the wall, giving the impression of a bigger space. Also, when you have a light-colored walls and ceiling, you will find it a perfect backdrop to play out a monochromatic scene without overwhelming the room. 

Be Minimalistic with the Furniture

Although every room needs some furniture, a small space requires a restrained approach. Use furniture that is less-bulky to maintain the illusion of space. Large sofas are a no-go. Use comfy chairs and seats that are raised on wooden legs, which would allow you to display the floor as much as possible. 

Blend in the Storage

Also, blend your storage areas with the walls to keep the clutter out of view. With digital devices becoming more compact, you will find it easy to keep them away from the floor and out of the way. Use the walls, the space behind the doors, and gaps inside the furniture, to store away your clutter and other essentials. This neat and organized look will automatically add to the sense of space.

Affordable Solutions for Small Apartment Windows

Keeping in tune with the minimalistic approach, window treatments for small apartments have to be well thought out and carefully planned. In many cases budgetary constraints can also put a spanner in the works. Fortunately, modern innovations in the realm of window treatment solutions have given options that are affordable, multifunctional, as well as durable. Let’s look at a few such solutions that would be ideal for small apartments. 

Aluminium Mini-Blinds

When you think of affordable, durable, and multi-functional, all together, aluminium mini-blinds are the one that comes first to mind. It come with a tilt-mechanism that gives you total control over the light flow and privacy. The slats can be lowered or positioned to keep the glare away from furniture or paintings, while the thick material acts as an adequate barrier against the heat. These blinds are great for apartment rooms that have an open-plan layout, with the kitchen generating lots of moisture. The metallic built protects it from the high-moisture and heat-generating environment, while keeping the insulation intact. You will also be able to achieve the room-darkening effect when you close the slats.

Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are a perfect solution for small apartments that require good insulation, without compromising on the light. Cellular blinds are light-weight blinds that come with hollow structures that capture air and turn the whole blind into an insulating layer. You can select from a wide range of fabric which allow varied levels of light filtration. While the fabric keeps the room illuminated, you can still get powerful insulation and save money. 

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the most versatile treatments out there. The single fabric design allows you to incorporate a lot of features within the same blind. The fabric can be had in the light-filtering or blackout versions, while the single-fabric design can ensure round the clock insulation and complete privacy. When you require more sun, along with uninterrupted views, you can easily roll-up the blinds all the way up or at any desired position. Available in a variety of prints, these narrow blinds are a great solution for a small apartment.

Woven Wood Blinds

If you are looking for an entirely different look, go for woven wood blinds. These blinds are made from eco-friendly materials, and are highly durable. They are best suited for cutting of the glare and filling the room with a muted glow. The heat-reflective material keeps your room naturally cool, which leads to significant savings in your energy bills. These blinds come in different weave style which results in varied levels of light-filtering. Give your room an earthy look with these gorgeous blinds and weave a rustic look for your interiors. 

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains also look very well in small apartments. However, to create the right effect, you need to put them at ceiling height. This would make the room look taller and create an ethereal effect. The light passing through the sheer material would create beautiful patterns on the floor, taking the beauty of the room to another level. While preserving your privacy, these curtains cut of UV rays and allows you to enjoy the view in peace. 

Put on your creative hat and give your small apartment an enviable makeover with these gorgeous window treatment solutions.