What are the best movies based on gambling?

Gamblers are always looking forward to chances to become better at their craft. Watching gambling movies is one of the best approaches to make this a reality. There will be a sense of fulfillment when trying to replicate what you watch in the movies while staking at betsafe.

Some people are looking for some sort of entertainment after a long day at work. There are thousands of poker movies, and you may even be spoilt for choice if you go looking for some on the internet. https://casinoudenrofus.info/casinoer-uden-dansk-licens/

The following are some of the best gambling movies that will blow you away,  selected by Jacek Michałski (you can check his profile here). Jacek loves everything about movies and gambling. You will always find him trying out different slots during his free time. 

The Gambler (1974)

It is claimed that James Toback, the creator of this movie, based his screenplay on his addiction to gambling. However, James Caan, who plays the gambler in this classic movie, is less obsessed with gambling but is on a journey of self- destruction and danger. Caan is seen making bets to dig deep into trouble and even arguing that the fun of betting is losing.

Hard Eight (1996)

This gambling movie is Paul Thomas Anderson’s first long film, but still brings out mastery of the industry that many people can only dream of. It is based on a sad lonely man who lives in the underworld of Las Vegas. Anderson shows his mastery of Las Vegas, the activities and the type of men you may think they exist.

Uncut Gems (2019)

One of the best moments in this movie has given birth to the ‘This is how I win’ meme that we always come across on various social media platforms. The main character is Howard, played by Adam Sandler, who is depicted as a hopeless gambler who cannot stop until he fully destroys himself. Howard is so deep into his gambling addiction that viewers will keep watching to know whether he can really get out of the mess.

Tricheurs (1984)

It is another classic card movie that many people do not know about. The creator, Barbet Schroeder, released this movie before he could even think about others such as Single White Female, Reversal of Fortune, and Barfly.

Jacques Dutronc plays the main character of a man with a desperate addiction to gambling such that he never cares if he wins or loses. The movie gets interesting when the main character comes across another character, which makes him join a complicated cheating scheme that ultimately raises the stakes higher.

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

It is one of the best classic poker movies for someone who wants to learn how gambling was in the old days. Steve McQueen plays the ‘kid’ role where he is depicted as a cocky player who later notes that he is not as good as he thought. The movie is still relevant, taut, and feels current.

Croupier (1998)

Movie lovers have always been on the lookout for new releases from Clive Owen as he set the bar high after releasing Croupier in 1998. Jack, the main character, is an aspiring novelist who is desperate to make money. He later becomes a croupier who comes to learn about casino gambling. What follows is a life full of twists where the movie recreates a dingy casino life.

Mississippi Grind (2015)

This beautiful movie is the creation of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, also known for the Half Nelson film. It revolves around a couple of gamblers who drives south to a New Orleans poker game with big stakes and payoffs. Ryan Reynolds is one of the main characters who come out as an addicted gambler who ends up in depression and a life of regret.

Rounders (1998)

It is a favorite movie for gambling addicts and fit for everyone else looking for a thrilling experience. Matt Damon is the main character in this creation, where he comes out as a professional poker player with dopey masculinity. Supporting characters who make the film more fulfilling include John Turturro, John Malkovich, Martin Landau, and Famke Jansen.


We cannot cover every movie with a gambling scene. However, the above are some of the best that we have for you. Watch our favorites tonight, if you haven’t done that yet. We are sure you won’t be disappointed!