What Is Happening In King Paul’s Court?

Something is happening in King Paul’s court. Former confidantes and cronies are falling by the way side.

The more I observe King Paul and his shenanigans, the more I am reminded of Nero, the Roman Emperor. Nero was a murderer, starting with his step-brother with whom he had been supposed to share power. Nero also murdered his wife. Nero was eventually toppled by an army revolt that sunk Rome into a destructive civil war.

King Paul has finished off all his former comrades in arms via exile, disappearance, imprisonment, mysterious deaths, and assassinations.

Lately, King Paul has turned against even his closest cronies, like former health minister Agnes Binagwaho, and former minister/ambassador Eugene Gasana. King Paul’s wife Nyiramongi has also disappeared from public view for weeks now.

What is next?

David Himbara