What is no deposit bingo?

No deposit bingo is something that many newer players at umbingo.com will have encountered. However many people who have been playing for a long time are often left to wonder what exactly is no deposit bingo

No Deposit? 

No deposit bingo is actually one of the most common ways that players are introduced to online bingo. It may seem like it is an offer which is too good to be true but that is the point of the promotion. No deposit bingo is mainly offered to new players, although it can sometimes be offered as a loyalty bonus to longtime players too. No deposit bingo essentially let’s players enjoy online bingo without having to make a deposit into their account. Bingo sites will usually give the players some credit or cash to spend on bingo games. Sometimes players will be limited on the choice of games that they can use this promotion on but usually there is a wide variety to choose from. The main attraction for no deposit bingo is the possibility to win a game of bingo without having to spend anything. 

Why Bingo Sites Offer No Deposit Bingo 

While bingo sites offer no deposit bingo for a variety of reasons, the most obvious reason why they offer it to players is because it is a very enticing promotion which is often too good to turn down. It may initially appear as if bingo sites will be losing money by offering this promotion but they actually make their money back in a variety of ways. The first is because the promotion will usually draw players back to the game which will result in them spending real money on bingo. Another way is by the limitations that bingo sites place on this offer. When they offer cash, bingo sites will make sure that this is not immediately withdrawable for players. They also introduce a threshold which players must pass before withdrawing anything. This threshold consists of the amount that the player has collectively bet. 

Types To Look Out For 

There are several types of no deposit bingo that players should look out for. The most common type is the cash bonus. This bonus means that a set amount of cash will appear in your account and you can immediately use it on a game of your choice. The cash bonus may appear lucrative at first, it is essentially free money, but sometimes it can actually be worth a little less than the other type of bonus which is usually offered, the credit bonus. Though the credit bonus may not have the same appeal as a cash bonus, players should sleep on it. Instead of being given cash to spend, players will be provided with a set amount of credits to use. Usually these credits will be worth more than the cash bonus. 

In Summary

No deposit bingo is one of the most popular promotions among players. It gives them the chance to play bingo for free without having to deposit anything into their account. Bingo sites offer this promotion for a whole host of reasons and there are even variations of this promotion to look out for, such as a cash or credit bonus.