What is this white man doing there?

Someone, referring to my cover pic recently asked me, “ese uriya muzungu arakora icyi hariya?” (What is this white man doing there?)” 

For those who are interested to know his story, his name is Leon Orsmond (Osmosis Leon )a 60 years old South African National.

He went to live in Rwanda in 2010 after falling in love with the country. 

Slowly he started to discover that the daily reality of Rwandans was far from being the great picture one can see at first sight. 

A few years later, as he was someone fundamentally against injustices, he started to write a book speaking for those who could not speak in order to talk about the problems they are facing and help in finding solutions. 

In 2017 while he was putting the final touches to his book, he helped Diane Rwigara who wanted to become president with her online campaign. 

He immediately started feeling the fate of the Rwandans who dare opposing the dictatorship: Harassment, threats, detention…

A few months later, on the 16th February 2018, he disappeared as many Rwandans who dared speaking for the voiceless. 

In September 2018, his family said they were losing hope of ever seeing him again.