What the Rwandan President might want to say to our Prime Minister

Lord Simon Woolley

Dear Prime Minister, please find enclosed a return cheque for 240 millions pounds you’ve sent to us for your ‘tackling immigration’ scheme. Although, as one of the poorest countries on the planet this money could go along way to tackling poverty that affects more than 50% of our population.

But in hindsight we must take a-stand and stop European countries and other wealthy nations using poor countries, such as ours, as their dumping ground for your problems . Foe example; the EU dump 37 million items of ‘junk plastic clothing’ to Kenya every year . The exporting of some of the most vulnerable people on the planet to where you can’t see only serves to dump the problem elsewhere and removes respect and humanity to those involved.

And in regard to this being a deterrent, think about this one simple fact : You are much more likely to die an horrendous death- drowning in freezing water, than you are being sent to one of our immigration centres in Rwanda .

Our small but dignified nation, Prime Minister would very much be open to find global migration and immigration solutions that give dignity and respect to the those vulnerable human beings caught up in this.
This grubby, politically eye-catching scheme is not that.

Your kind regards, Mr President

By Lord Simon Woolley
Principal at Homerton College, Cambridge university