What Will Hillary Clinton’s Presidency Mean For Mr Iron-Fist In Rwanda?

A number of people have inboxed me this question. Most of them believe that Hillary will be highly supportive of the Kagame regime. It is argued that this will be so because Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, who is one of Kagame’s most fanatical supporters, will become Kagame lobbyist inside the White House.

Not necessarily. It is not that simple. People should remember what happened in 2012 when Kagame’s M23 overran DR Congo’s provincial city of Goma.

The US became the first donor country to cut aid to Rwanda. Soon other Western countries followed the US’s example, and suspended aid to Kagame.

And guess who was America’s top diplomat responsible for cutting aid to Kagame’s Rwanda in 2012? It was Hillary Clinton. She was at the time Secretary of State.

Stop worrying about Hillary presidency; instead learn how to robustly engage her government to continue where she left off in isolating our strongman.

David Himbara