What’s the difference between case study writing and essay writing

A case study and an essay are on two different spectrums in the world of writing. Although both can be used for academic purposes. For us to clearly differentiate between the two concepts, we must know,

  • What is a case study?
  • What is an essay? 

A case study is a form of a report to depict instances of occurrences and fascinating phenomena. It is usually used as a reference point for other researchers to be intimated about the idea of that occurrence, phenomena or concept.  A professional case study writing service method usually is to fixate on a problem which is then analysed and researched in order to come to a general conclusion. Some people need an admission essay writing service.

An essay is usually a form of discussion on a hot to write the topic. It involves creating a comprehensive set of idea or opinions into a write-up in such a way that it makes sense and appeals to the reader. The writings of an essay have a form of finality that may not be disputed because it may not require extra research however there are different types of essays like critical, argumentative, academic, etc.

Structure of a case study

Elements  Practical function 
Introduction Here you ask and answer the important question of who, what, why and where and how of the report. You also pay attention to what has been achieved previously as regards the subject matter.
Literature Review It shows the relevance of the work to matters arising in comparison to others within the same field and resolving conflicting ideas and concepts. 
Method This is simply the strategy employed in order to gather and analyse information or data on the topic in question.
Discussion Here the problems are identified from the findings in the data and then stated and explained in details.
Conclusion/Recommendation Possible solutions to the identified problems and a general overview that sums up the report.

Structure of an Essay

Usually, the structures of essay differ a bit depending on the type of essay in question. Although the structures are similar, one of the things you must consider first when writing such an essay.  The skills that you get from a professional writing service can also help with any essay writing service problems. However, there are different case study examples acasestudy can provide for you so that you can be able to tell more easily. However, here is the basic structure of an essay:

Elements  Practical Function
Introduction  This is a starter for the essay, it is the capturing point when you take hold on the mind of the reader in order to keep them interested. It gives an idea, a glimpse, a taste of what is to come.
Body  This part shares the main idea that the essay aims to communicate explicitly. It is written in paragraphs giving detailed descriptions of the questions or problems to be resolved
Conclusion  This part gives a summary of the anchor points in the essay. Here no new ideas are introduced instead it wraps up all problems that previously existed.

Case Study Vs Essay

There is a clear difference between case study and essay. A case study research is different from an essay in terms of the aim and approach even though there are different types of studies. While the former makes or formulates generalizations and ideal that are relatively new, the latter may simply just explain and elucidate more on a concept with no specificity.

It is not just enough to know how to write a case study, it requires a sort of preciseness and focuses on a single concept and idea, while an essay may or may not address different generalisations and topic. Due to this peculiarity, writing a case study is more time consuming and resource demanding. 

The case study format differs greatly from that of an essay, and some case study examples can prove that to you. Even though it may address a single problem, it may require different events and circumstances for it to come into an accurate view.  However, an essay is a direct discussion of a topic. An essay evaluates different angles of the spectrum and broadband.

Essays are usually much shorter than the average case study especially in terms of length. When you think of a case study what comes to mind is chapters and long pages, but its counterparts are more concerned with paragraphs and the likes.

In college depending on the academic discipline students are required to write different types of case studies and essays at different times. In order for you to be able to get the writing help you need, you must be able to identify and differ the two when gathering information.