When Personality Cult Replaces Diplomacy You Get Gasana Disaster

Watch this and see what happens when personality cult and sycophancy replaces diplomacy. As you watch Rwandan Ambassador Eugene Gasana go bombastic at the UN, do not forget to look at how horrified the diplomats seated next to him, are.

In diplomacy, international relations are conducted through the interaction of professional diplomats with regard to issues of peace-making, trade, war, economics, culture, environment, and human rights.

Diplomats are gentlemen and ladies. No shouting. Diplomats engage brain. Not mouth.

Rwanda is a different. Like its president, Rwandan diplomacy is name-calling, abuse, finger-pointing, and personality insult.

Watching Rwanda diplomat at the UN in action, you witness the ugliest possible — with diplomacy thrown out of the window. The victim of the undiplomatic crudeness by Rwanda is no other than the United States.

Watch — you just witnessed an ugly undiplomatic conduct.

By David Himbara