By Gakwerere

While the father oppresses Rwandans and treats them as a batch of disgusting slaves, Ivan Cyomoro Kagame is applying for H-1B visa in USA that will pave way for him to obtain a green card. Ivan Cyomoro Kagame studied his undergraduate in USA after dropping out in June 2010 from West Point military academy, merely two months into his military cadet training.

During his undergraduate studies, he was under F – 1 students visa. Upon his graduation in 2014, he applied for a B-2, tourism/visitors’ visa and he got a 5 year visa. Late 2015, he changed the B-2 to F -1 (student visa) for a part time master’s degree, a two year programme and he graduated early this year.

According to my source within criminal Paul Kagame’s office, despite Ivan Cyomoro Kagame graduating in May 2018, his F – 1 visa is ending in September 2018. This reliable source confirmed me, that, the first son is still in USA chasing for H-1B visa under specialized skills.And criminal Paul Kagame’s contacts are helping in this maneuver, acting as employers who want to hire/employ Ivan Cyomoro Kagame. Once he gets this visa, according to my source, the first son will have his dream come true, the opportuniry to apply for a green card.

According to my source, criminal Paul Kagame refused his son to apply for E5 visa fearing the application would rise a red flag with the USA administration, especially knowing that in order to obtain this visa, a foreign national must invest, without borrowing, the minimum qualifying capital of $ 1 million USA dollars in a commercial enterprise or any investment.

According to my source, criminal Paul Kagame is squeezed from all angles. He wanted his son to follow Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba – Museveni’s son career path. But the young man isn’t interested at all.

At the end of 2014, he was sent for a short intensive 3 month course in counter intelligence – South Korea. Upon finishing, he was posted at Gen Patrick Nyamvumba’s office. The young man didn’t show any interest at all, preferring to stay at state house on a play station than going to serve in his father’s personal militia.

An annoyed criminal Paul Kagame redeployed him within the presidential guard’s intelligence unit and still, the young man didn’t give a damn, preferring to stay on his play station than attend on the military duties. When in 2015, he went to attend a friend’s engagement ceremony in USA, Ivan Cyomoro Kagame refused to return home, asking the father that he want to study a master’s degree course. And this is how, he survived the idea of being in his father’s criminal militia.

As criminal Paul Kagame always say, “Cyomoro nuwo kwaba nyina,” literally meaning, the son has maternal side of behaviours. For those who know Jeanette Nzirorera Gasana Kagame’s brothers, will attest that, they are cool and nice men, they aren’t bad hearted assholes. Just give them their weed, everything becomes heaven.

This takes me back to criminal Paul Kagame’s
sarcastic and shallow minded lamenting which he made when meeting a congregation of RPF goons and sycophants, “all those who oppose me are in Europe and north America working as security personnel in front of banks, shops and super markets; and others are carrying boxes in warehouses.” It seems the son also doesn’t want to serve or live under his oppressive and criminal junta regime.