Who has motive to murder Hon. Abiriga?

By Titus Seruga

Abiriga became popular for his yellow outfits and constant support for the NRM ruling party, with due respect he was just a clown dressed in Yellow.

The former RDC was a friend to everyone in Parliament for his jokes and honesty in his reply, unlike many he confessed to the judge for abirigating on the street.

The opposition of Uganda has no motive and means to assassinate Abiriga, Uganda’s opposition seem comfortable with using the ballot to change things.

There is a new group of individuals who have infiltrated the opposition, they are pushing a narrative of aggressiveness, this group is based in the diaspora, they have the ability to sponsor such an attack provided someone is willing to execute the mission.

The timing of the assassination is at the time when Ugandan security had put focus in fighting kidnappers. Two months back I reported that 30 agents had a meeting in Kenya and entered Uganda through different points with enough cash to cause problems. Around this time I also said High profile individuals like Bobi Wine and other opposition leaders were targets to create hatred for Museveni.

Let me be clear today security forces in Uganda didn’t take me serious, kidnaps increased, let me ask which tribe are those arrested so far? Those who know the answer keep it to yourself.

Security forces didn’t take me serious, let me ask are MPs being targeted now, the next target will be another NRM MP then Opposition MP, look closely a week back there was a scientific accident involving another MP, it’s simple someone is undermining Uganda’s security and until general Museveni handles this matter with his old friend boldly Kagame will not stop.

This assassination is typical DMI style, Ugandan security will point at ADF just to cover but am telling you this is the work of Rwanda, it will only end if we put them in their place.

The more we leave in denial the more they kill our people, the president has these reports predicting these attacks but ignores them always, I have predicted all these deaths on this wall based on intelligence I get but no action has been taken.

Why Abiriga, this assassination was made for Bobi Wine, he has similar specs with the late Hon. Abiriga, Bobi is seen as the new opposition king pin, Bobi stays away from Kampala and provides good cover for an assassination of this nature, Abiriga may not be a king pin but popular, three months back I exposed a plan to assassinate Bobi after receiving an intelligence report from Rwanda that he was a good target, after exposing this plan DMI couldn’t execute their mission, they then switched to a much another target, this will be followed by an opposition leader to create a situation that will seem like Museveni is retaliating yet the killer is the same.

These killers were targeting NRM security to show Museveni that he has no work, they are undermining security simple and clear.

These killers know that security was close to Kaweesi killers, this is a diversionary plan, to draw back security. You want the boss to dismantle his security show him it’s nothing.

This assassination is not the first of its kind, closely look you will see many leaders dying under questionable circumstances.

May God help Uganda
RIP Abiriga