Andrew Mwenda

Andrew M. Mwenda is Ugandan journalist who served at the Monitor after founding his owner newspaper the Independent under direct support of kagame’s regime. Why this journalist decided to work and be Kagame’s publicisit? This is another question with a direct answer. The guy was targeting to collect more and more shillings from kagame’s classified account.

Andrew Mwenda is am a journalist who loves where there is a conflict. As a fact, I remember the time when Ouganda (M7) was not in same line with Rwanda (Kagame). This journalist Andrew Mwenda was collecting Rwandan taxpayer’s money by the simple pretext that he can provide any piece of information from M7’s intelligence to Dr Ndahiro Emmanuel who was the head of kagame’s intelligence.

Now, if I can quote one Rwandan writer under names of Rusoke William, Andrew Mwenda is unethical journalist. This can be justified by the way this kagame’s son lives on what he sourced from sowing conflicts. Today, the guy adopted another strategy of harassing some Rwandan refugees by forging different arguments against them. On 22nd September 2014, this journalist dedicated a page to Dr David Himbara as another strategy of praising his boss Kagame. As noted, the journalist mixed up different issues including:

1) Groups where Kagame belongs and influential global leaders who are kagame’s friends but the journalist failed to mention the group in which he can appear;

2) Economic growth but the journalist failed to mention how he is among those who helps Kagame to grab that poor economy,

3) David Himbara as man who wish to be a Rwandan president but the journalist failed to mention where David Himbara served as a politician or a strategist in development,

4) Different statistical data, but the journalist failed to mention his clear basis of his statement.

I think if this journalist loves Rwanda and all Rwandans not only Paul Kagame, he should do or write on the following:

1) Current arrests and disappearances now happening in Rwanda; 2) political crisis fueled by kigali regime 3) Rwandan economic crisis characterized by high rate of inflation and unemployment 4) How RSSB is failing on its mission especially in medical insurance, 5) Fires of each and every minute in Rwanda, 6) Etc…..

Peter Urayeneza