Who is Jack NZIZA?

General Jack Nziza is the Inspector general of Rwanda Défense Forces, known in Rwanda as general hitman of Paul Kagame. He is a shrewd, brutal, corrupt and deceitful individual. His rise within the ranks of NRA now UPDF, has been smeared with blood, intrigue, deception, betrayals and lies. Like his cousin Gen. Kale Kayihura, General Jack Nziza is also obsessed with power and money. He is able and willing to do any sort of crime for the purpose of those obsessions.

These criminal cousins, General Kale Kayihura and General Jack Nziza come from a prominent family in Kisoro – Bufumbira regions, their fathers were brothers. Therefore, they are paternal cousins. They are 100% Ugandans, as their families did not migrate or flee to Uganda after the 1959 uprising. Their ancestral home has always been in Bufumbira, nor did his grandparents migrate to Rwanda to work for the Kingdom of Rwanda. From the 16th Century, a number of Ugandan craftsmen and artisans were sent to Rwanda by different Ugandan kings as gifts to the kingdom of Rwanda and kings; non from the Karekezi or Nkurunziza families were among these expertises sent to Rwanda. Neither on maternal nor on the paternal side, both Generals Kale Kayihura and Jack Nziza (real name, Jackson Nkurunziza) have no single claim to Rwanda. They are 100% Bafumbira from Gasiza perish in Uganda.

Freeman RUTANA