Who Will Lobby For Kagame In Trump’s White House?

Kagame depends heavily on the U.S. not only on development aid and peacekeeping logistical support, but also for diplomatic cover. I illustrated this in detail in my book


Kagame was no doubt hoping that Hillary Clinton would win the American presidency. Her husband, Bill Clinton is Kagame’s number 1 supporter. Kagame would have had a lobbyist right inside the American president’s bedroom if Hillary had won. This Kagame dream is now over.

So now what?

Kagame’s effort to build a bridge into Trump’s administration will not start from zero. Trump and Kagame have a powerful mutual friend.

Enter Oklahoma Senator, Jim Inhofe, who has stated that “USA doesn’t have a better friend than Paul Kagame.” Senator Inhofe will no doubt lobby for Kagame in Trump’s administration. The senator is fairly influential – he is the Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee. And like President-elect Trump, Inhofe maintains that global warming is a hoax.

As the Senator and President chat about the global warming hoax, the Senator will have an opportunity to raise the matter of his Rwandan friend – Kagame.

David Himbara