Why Does Kagame Suddenly Care For King Kigeli?

So we learn that President Kagame is manoeuvring to reprieve the deceased king, His Majesty King Kigeli V from the U.S. to Rwanda. Apparently Kagame teamed up with one the family factions fighting over the burial of his Majesty. This faction, with Kagame’s cash tried to steal the body and take it to Rwanda. Can you believe it!

For those who might not know, Kagame is actually a relative to the late king. The link is the infamous Queen Kanjogera who was Kagame’s grand aunt. Kanjogera’s son, King Musinga, was Kigeli’s father.

Once in power, Kagame, being Kagame would not entertain the return of His Majesty to Rwanda, except on Kagame’s own terms. Kagame would not allow any discussion about a dignified homecoming for His Majesty King Kigeli’s return to his country from which he was chased some 57 years ago. The King would have to be sneaked back into Rwanda as a faceless ordinary citizen, according to Kagame.

Meanwhile, with his new lifestyle of $60 million dollar luxurious jets, $20,000 a day hotels, it never even occurred to Kagame to assist his uncle Kigeli who lived in dire poverty in the U.S.

Kagame could not even provide a pension to a former head of state who is also a relative. Kagame’s cruelty knows no bounds.

So now, why is Kagame manoeuvring to take back the deceased King? Who knows? Kagame has no doubt figured out how to take advantage.

That’s Kagame’s purpose in life. Don’t put it beyond Kagame to see the burial of King Kigeli as an indication that he, Kagame, is now the undisputed last emperor of Rwanda. Anything for power, Kagame will do!

David Himbara