Why Learn Programming? Here Are 3 Reasons

For some, programming is still a scary and incomprehensible world, and developers are its strange inhabitants. They would rather hire JavaScript developers and get their website ready than learn it all themselves. 

Many of us have stumbled upon our programmer friend’s or colleague’s screen and felt like they were dealing with some kind of black magic. 

They write a couple of obscure lines and boom! A website, a mobile app, or a cool feature is ready. Although all of it seems to come out of a fantasy world, many feel intrigued and become curious about programming. 

Indeed, Programming is not only interesting to learn, but also has a bunch of benefits which we will list one by one right now! 

3 reasons to learn programming 

  • You get to create whatever you want 

Okay, we exaggerated it a little bit here, but in some way, it’s true. Do you have a cool mobile app idea? Well, you can develop it yourself! Do you want to create an immersive, next-generation website? Go ahead! You have all the skills you need to make whatever comes to your mind. 

You can start by developing an extension and then turn it into an app, and then one day, you wake up with an entire startup! 

Some programmers compare themselves to Gods, as they too have the power to create something out of nothing. Although this comparison might be a little too much, you got the sense.

Programming opens a door of endless opportunities, making you feel mighty when you create something new. It is a profession that is always rewarding. 

And as the world is switching more and more to the online sphere, you can compare your job to one of the architectures: it’s starting to get equally important! 

  • You’ll always have a job 

You know, artists are constantly creating too. Their work is also very fulfilling and empowering, but there is one thing that holds back many people from engaging in arts: the lack of work. 

Yes, it is possible to become a wealthy artist, and many do, but the chances are way lower. There is always a sense of obscurity in the market regarding the “artsy works.” The same cannot be said about programming for sure!

If you spend decent time learning a programming language and playing around with it, you’ll most surely get decent work too. There are always employees that look for good programmers, countless vacancies, and endless freelance jobs. In short, today, programming is always in demand.

The best part is that you don’t need a four-year degree to get yourself a good programming job. Of course, some of the places require it, but in the end, if you show a truly impressive portfolio, no one cares whether you’ve spent your four years studying computer science or art management. 

We forgot the most crucial point: you’ll get a very high salary too! Programmers usually are highly paid, no matter where they go, as the IT sector is one of the most developed sectors in the employment market. 

  • You will improve your problem-solving skills 

Finally, programming will help you to improve your problem-solving skills. After all, coding is all about solving a problem in the most efficient way possible. So when you turn it into your professional, you start to develop a more analytical mindset and improve your overall problem-solving skills.  

You become a more practical person ready to look at any situation with a clear mind and understand its best solution. So the next time you find yourself in a heaping argument, you’ll be more able to get out of it as a winner. 

Or maybe there is an important life decision you should make: your problem-solving skills will help you to look at it from different angles, divide that decision into smaller segments and understand exactly how you should act and what you should choose. 

So besides the high-paying and fulfilling work, you also get to develop skills that will help you in all the different cases of your life. 

This said, next time you decide to hire JavaScript developers, wait for a second, open a JavaScript tutorial on YouTube and start the programming journey yourself!