Why Rulers Should Never Cling To Power

In an eloquent speech attached here in Kinyarwanda, Kagame explains why he would never cling onto power. As Kagame categorically stated, leaders usually give two justifications for clinging to power – justifications that he would never use or accept.

• First, rulers justify their clinging to power by claiming that there are no new and able leaders available to continue the good work of leading a nation.

• Second, rulers say that new leaders may have emerged but they have not fully understood their mission and purpose of leading a nation.

According to Kagame, whether new leaders did not emerge, or they emerged but do not fully understand their mission, it is the failure of existing ruler who did not perform his duties that were required of him. And all the more reason why the existing leadership should not stay in power. Extending the existing ruler’s tenure will merely extend failed leadership.

Here is a mother of ironies. Kagame and his supporters have made a U-turn. They are saying that there are no leaders among 12 million Rwandans to replace Kagame. Which is what Kagame had previously indicated is evidence for failure, and reason for not clinging to power.

Here is the original Kagame denouncing those who cling to power.https://youtu.be/RylTp-Sghw4

David Himbara