Why Spain and France should cancel Paul Kagame’s indictments (atleast temporarily).

Didas Gasana

In an interview on two radios within last month about Rwanda come 2017, i argued passionately that no any human being, dead or alive, would relinquish power if he finds himself in Paul Kagame’s shoes. Why?

1, He has touched so many lives (both within the Tutsi-Hutu divide in Rwanda and abroad) whose level of appetite for revenge can only be ascertained after he leaves power.
2, Both France and Spain indictments are eagerly waiting for the expiry of his mandate.
3, a civil suit is eagerly awaiting the end of his immunity in the US (its cumulative damages goes up to 400 Million USD).

These combine to make PK’s continued stay in power his only guarantor of security.

Therefore, by indicting him (and rightly so for the sake of justice), France, Spain and The US have robbed Rwandans of a peaceful transition of power come 2017.

Consequently, the only thing these nations would help Rwandans with is to quash these indictments to allow PK a safe exit. Rwandan opposition parties should guarantee him (atleast for now) his security after leaving the coveted seat, instead of calling for his arrest. Anything far from that; PK will fight to remain in power at whatever cost; and the price will outweigh the proportional good these indictments and opposition calls for his arrest can ever deliver

Didas Gasana