Why writing an essay is an integral part of studying

Have you ever wondered how rich people spend their money and wanted to be just like them? You can, if you work on your essays.

How is that possible? While essays are an integral part of getting most scientific degrees, few students like them.

Here are X reasons you need to be among those students who love know how to write good essays.

Skills transfer

Skills do not stay in the same field where you hone them. Not all of them at least.

There are transferable skills, skills that you can implement across all fields. Many of the skills you develop while writing essays are transferable. 

More so, they’re crucial for your survival on the modern day job market.

It doesn’t matter what your current degree is, these abilities are equally important across all fields. If you develop them early on, you’re more likely to succeed in life.

Information research

Long gone are the days when memory was the major factor in your employability on the market. People had to cram a ton of information to be relevant in the workforce.

Now, this is outdated. We don’t need to memorize a lot to be successful because we essentially outsourced our memory to the internet.

What’s the capital of Italy? You can find that on Wikipedia. What do people think about the previous president? You can find it on the national poll site. What do people think about the current one? You can find that on Twitter.

You can even perform complex statistical calculations online.

This world isn’t ideal, however. The thing is when the main focus shifts from having the knowledge to browsing knowledge, the main skill everyone should have is finding the right information.

Essay writing teaches you just that. You have to look for scientific data and evaluate its validity to include it to the research. You have to know the places where you can find great sources of information faster. You have to find the information you need but do not know about this yet.

This is why essays are so good for you. They teach you an invaluable skill in the age of the web.

Finding the right information is what most jobs require you to do. It’s what makes you grow both as a person and as a professional.

Critical thinking

Not a good reason for you to learn essay writing? You probably need critical thinking.

Why is it important? The thing is you can’t progress anywhere without being able to use your sharp wits to come on top in any situation.

You can’t even do a blue-collar job, because these days blue-collar jobs are now what they used to be 20 or 30 years ago. Now, they require you to be smart and work with technologically advanced machines.

You may face a new situation on the job that requires you to think outside of the box. If you can’t think critically, you’re going to fail.

While math makes you smarter, it only teaches you to find solutions within one system. It doesn’t teach you to doubt your own decisions as there rarely are more than a couple of ways to do a math problem right.

In the world, where one decision that you didn’t doubt enough can set you back tens of thousands in debt, do you really want to ask someone “сan you write my essay for me?”

Once you’ve developed basic critical thinking skills while writing essays, you can implement them in any field, from computer science to marketing research. You really can’t underestimate the importance of writing.


There are only two ways of making someone do something that you want. The first is the brute force, the second is persuasion. The essence of civilization is that you only can use persuasion.

This skill is crucial in every job and in life in general.

Whenever you want to sell something, you have to persuade the seller. Whenever you want to get a job or a promotion, you have to persuade the boss. Whenever you want your significant other to choose your suggestion for a journey, you have to persuade them.

You can’t get around in life without the skills of persuasion. Learning how to write an essay helps you develop this skill.

All essays are essentially an attempt to persuade the person who’s checking in your point of view. If you succeed in this, you can transfer the skill in other areas of life.

Understanding the topic

These are the three skills that help in studying and in life. There’s another thing about the essay that helps you get along with studying.

While reading the textbooks and participation in discussions is crucial for your academic success, it’s not everything.

You can only understand a topic if you can explain it to others. Digging deeper into a topic and writing an essay about it helps you do just that.

When you create a great essay about something, you understand it so much more.

How is that possible? While essays are an integral part of getting most scientific degrees, few students like them. With the assistance of Copycrafter.net, you will definitely succeed with them.