Why You Should Apply For A Job In Manufacturing: Production Jobs In Singapore

Getting a job in the manufacturing industry in Singapore is a wise choice since it is now one of the focused industries and is expected to grow in the next years. Singapore has recently decided to hire more local workers and provide more opportunities for Singaporeans. This will not only create more jobs but will also impact the global competitiveness of the country. Before, during, and after the pandemic, this industry remains significant. The country is encouraging young people to take courses that will eventually land them a job in the manufacturing sector like engineering, IT, or human resources.

Aside from the fact that this sector is expanding, there are more reasons why job seekers should find a job in the manufacturing industry.

First, the manufacturing sector is a huge contributory factor to the growth of the country and the worldwide economy. Manufacturing is crucial to the economy’s health because it propels an economy in a manner that other industries cannot. It offers jobs that create wealth.

Second, the manufacturing sector is the frontrunner in the latest technological trends. In a country like Singapore, the manufacturing industry is on the cutting edge of technology in the aspects of automation, IT, etc. When you work in this sector, you are hands-on with ultramodern technology even before the public gets to experience it. You are upfront.     

Third, the manufacturing sector provides interesting and exciting Production Jobs in Singapore. This industry deals with highly developed technologies used in different areas like automotive, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and many more. The fascination is too good not to share with loved ones. You are excited to wake up and work each day knowing that you will have an action-packed day.

Fourth, the cutting-edge technology of modern manufacturing is already designed to be safe instead of the expected high risk due to exposures to substances, machinery, and perilous equipment. But this industry has improved much in terms of guaranteeing the safety of its employees. It is not something to be afraid of anymore.  

Fifth, since the products of manufacturing impact our daily lives, you will have a sense of fulfillment working in this industry. You get to work on some things that you personally use on a daily basis. You can witness the fruits of your labors through tangible products. Nothing gets more satisfying than that.  

Sixth, working in the industrial sector increases your chances of growing in your career because of the boundless potential and options. When there are retirements, you as a new and young worker will have the chance to take leadership positions and advance in your career from your entry-level position. Of course, this paves the way to a higher salary grade. You are not only helping the economy but also helping yourself to prosper.

Seventh, it is a versatile industry. It offers a wide array of job opportunities for different people with varying skills. These job opportunities also give competitive compensation and promise stability. No other industry is as versatile and flexible as the manufacturing sector.

Lastly, working in this sector gives you a chance to impact the lives of others through your contribution to the healthcare system. The healthcare system is one of the aspects of the manufacturing industry. The production of medications, vaccines, and medical supplies is up to this industry. In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the most helpful industry was the manufacturing sector as it was responsible for producing the needed supplies (masks, gloves, PPE) and vaccines for this health phenomenon.

What kinds of jobs are available in Singapore related to Manufacturing Sector?

If you search from WorkClass, the top job portal in Singapore, you will find a list of jobs in production. Examples of these are:

  • Sales Executive-for 2500 to 2800, you get to work in outdoor sales, either by yourself or in a team, and your main task is to grow sales or open accounts.
  • Packer-with an hourly rate of 11 USD, you will repack products and assist in some ad hoc duties as required by the employer.
  • Quality Checker-with an hourly rate of 12 to 18 USD (depending on the company and bulk of work), you will test and assemble electronics and hardware, check the quality of products, and are also involved in packing and loading. Training will be provided.
  • Assembler-for a monthly rate of 1,600 to 2,400 USD, the scope of your job is to assemble machinery, check the quality, and assist in technical and mechanical duties.

There are more jobs related to production. Just search WorkClass and specify the search engine for particular production jobs.