Will you be happier to help us bury millions of innocent dead than helping us to contain dangers before they become uncontrollable?

Dear Friend,

Recently I wrote to you expressing my concern regarding the developing conflicts in Rwanda’s political sphere. I salute those who responded in a way they thought it was the best. However, I just can’t stop writing to you because I haven’t found the required solution yet I am convinced you are one of many key players in world affairs whose help is important to prevent the repeat of dark history in Rwanda. Allow me to ask you these few questions:

a) Will you be pleased to burn your money and life to put off the already ignited fire than spending less to prevent it from happening?

b) Will you be happier to help us bury millions of innocent dead than helping us to contain dangers before they become uncontrollable?

I’m a Rwandan who witnessed the 1994 genocide; but I was young to help in preventing that tragedy. Today I’m an adult; history holds me countable if I just watch redundantly when similar events are cropping up. I have learned to sense that any smoke signals fire, wherever there is an alarm, neighbors and friends are required to respond before police arrives. Otherwise they will have nothing to give in witness when they are called to do so.

You hear or read about Rwanda’s political grievances and the latest FDLR crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, some material friends of Rwandan government responded to this disturbing situation by convincing the UN Security Council to bombard these fighters without even taking time to analyze the cause for their existence.

I wish to bring to your attention that FDLR is the official known armed group, but there are many other mushrooming forces similar to this that are yet to be identified and cause exhaustion on international coffer plus military personnel if satisfying solution is thought on Rwanda’s current political impunity.

There are tens of oppositions groups formed by Hutus or Tutsis, some of these represent very dangerous ideologies which could spark mayhem in Rwanda. The threats of UN to attack people who intent to vindicate their rights cannot stop these eventualities caused by outlet of injustices from happening. Kagame’s government is happy to play this dangerous game to continue undermining people’s demands as longer as it remains in power.

By the time problems will be aggregated beyond containing, dictatorship strategy as usual will be considering dialogue to continue cling onto power while ordinary citizen suffer. When those harmful ideologies are being disseminated in secrete camps. By the time things are no longer manageable for Kagame regime, he and his close associate will free Rwanda and leave behind innocent Rwandans who include women and children, genocide survivors and other vulnerable people who will be made to pay for their mistakes.

It is also imperative to not that Kagame’s type of rules doesn’t prepare future leaders; his is to eliminate anyone with visible leadership or charismatic quality since they expose his weakness? Do you see its harm on Rwanda’s future? Just think about the animal kingdom where lions ceased to exist as kings and hyena becomes monarchy? Can you visualize what is taking place in that kingdom?

Injustice is unbearable in Rwanda, which is the cause for many people responding to calls for fighting; in the process those whose dangerous ambitions had foiled in the past, are now gaining following under this political confusion.

I trust that you subscribe to the theory which prioritizes prevention over treatment; if your view of remedy is better to prevent just like me, let us join forces in combating these ills of politics in Rwanda by:

• Organizing dialogues and summon all grieving parties on one table to present their case, share plans of their ideal state so that we can draw a political, social and economic framework on which Rwanda’s future will be mapped after Kagame,

• Let us through these dialogues address ethnic differences, reconcile and agree on plans regarding future political and social inclusion to appeases all warring parties as a way of avoiding repeating blood past,

• Let us together through these dialogues uproot the ethnically motivated politics before they become law in Rwanda, Together we can choose bring necessary purification in Rwandan politics to save her from repeating historical bloodshed.

Kagame’s naivety revived Hutu spirit of anti Tutsis which endanger Rwanda’s future if you project on what will happen following his fall. Rwanda is destined to experience chaos similar to what is going on in Libya today, successive vision-less leadership emerging from military or controlling party will abuse power and resources for many years to follow and as result escalated tensions stemming from lawlessness depending on which ethnic group is controlling the state power.

I have seen most of you responding to Rwanda’s call to bury or to remember our victims in the aftermath of 1994 genocide, this time I beg you on behalf of fellow Rwandans to stand with us in saving lives so that our next invitation becomes that of celebrating humanity than reflecting on suffered calamities.

Thank you,

Richard R. Kayumba