Women empowerment means women death, jail, dehumanization in Rwanda:

Its about 15 days(25th may.2017 for East African manufacturer forum to be held in Kigali where heads of states industrialists, private sector will show up to encourage regional diaspora potential areas of investment!

Its almost close to a week lady Diane Shima, Rwigara daughter to industrialist or manufacturer after showing her presidential ambitions which was followed by state malicious damage of spreading her nude pictures and no single woman in Rwandan authority denounced that evil against a mother to be. Uganda is reading in this discipline of motivating her nationals including women to do all kinds of work including vending! T

his picture here is not of a poor Ugandan as ones we commonly see in Kigali streets beaten and killed by the authority that is supposed to protect them! Hon Miria Kyambade is a minister of Trade in Ugandan government never has she born vending the way some blind faith people may think! Kyambade is a mother and an African at heart having feelings of the poor and here she put all her values down to stand with poor vendors in streets of Kampala!!

Hon Kyambade the minister I like kindly tell for us regional heads of states and regional manufacturers that those poor mothers deserve help not beating them to death because of clean streets the case of Kigali! Dear heads of states nationals hopes are in your hands allow them to live dont kill them I remind my president in Kigali to ask Hon Kyambade to teach your authority the value of people.

What if these manufacturers were borne from the poor vendors, what if diaspora you need today are products of these poor mothers sweats?

I appreciate other regional states for not building diaspora on partisanship the case of Kigali but on national values and therefore I request regional authorities to help us and ask kigali why she kills her nationals in foreign land ? Regional leaders we are appealing for your protection from our killer Kagame !

Members and dream drivers of East African community we request you to ask some member countries to respect values including of property right, human rights and even right to life Kigali regime continues to undermine!

Dear regional leaders how investors will be safe to bring their money to the region where some regional members have lost their properties ,even lives just because some members respects no laws?

Viva Hon Kyambade live to see these mothers and their children being manufacturers!!

Rugema Kayumba