Work from home admin jobs: home office improvement ideas 

Working from home is becoming more and more common due to the effects of Covid-19. This is depending on the type of job one is in, but for many employees in an admin role, working from home has been an extremely easy and adaptable process. For many, this is their ideal situation. Not having to get ready, leave their home and commute to work requires less effort in the morning, leaving employees with some extra time in their bed. However, sometimes it can be hard to shift your mindset from relaxed to work mode, and this can sometimes be harder for those employees with no office space who work from their bed. Although some prefer to work from their bed or bedroom, others prefer a setup office space in a spare room or downstairs to separate home life from work life.  

Having a separate office space can be very beneficial, especially if it is done right. Here, we will discuss the ways you can improve your home office space preferably for those who have work from home admin jobs.    

A suitable and comfortable office chair 

When designing or improving your home office, consider, where will I be for most of the day? You know yourself that for the majority of your working day, you will be positioned in front of a computer monitor or laptop and on an office chair. Try to take time to find yourself the best office chair that fits your needs. Many people can suffer from back pains, specifically when they are sitting down all day. For this reason, it is most important to find yourself an office chair that has an adjustable and supportable back. Google can provide you with several options when looking for a chair that is best to sit on for long hours, a few include an AvoChair, Herman Miller Aeron Chair, and The AmazonBasics High Back Chair. Although these may not be as necessary as the comfort and support from a chair, others may look for an office chair that offers height adjustment levers and armrests to add to the comfort and look of the chair.  

Additional electronic devices 

Your computer and laptop do not need to be the only electronic devices that reside in your office space, as several electronic devices can improve your routine in your work from home admin job. Try and make small changes such as a Bluetooth mouse and cable, and Apple AirPods to reduce cable clutter on your desk. Alongside this, if your space is sizeable, why not invest in a smart TV. This device requires an internet connection to use all streaming services and as well as that, it can act like a normal TV for you to catch up on the news, reality TV, or soaps during work breaks. Make sure that you have a working aerial to access live TV features, the professionals at   are experienced experts in aerial installations and repairs. A tablet, printer, and speaker can also be a wise investment if they are likely to be used within your work routine. 

Large office desk with storage facilities 

An office desk should have a few more features than your standard dining room table, and this is important to consider when choosing one for your work from home admin job. Try not to invest in a basic office desk, especially if your budget is far from tight and you have the facilities. We would recommend ensuring your desk does have drawers for convenience however, ensure that these drawers are not above your thighs and are at the side of the desk. It can be a hassle and uncomfortable if your drawers obstruct your leg space. Some employees prefer to have a break from their chairs. An electric height adjustable desk could be considered if this is the case for you, and one simple click of a button can adjust the desk to your chosen position. Some of the best height-adjustable desks can be found on Amazon, so be sure to check them out.   

Add wall art  

Wall art and canvases can brighten up any office space, especially ones with colour. Try to keep your office space neutral and not too overwhelming with colours or patterns. Wall art with inspirational quotes and phrases is one way to brighten up a room as well as channel positivity throughout the space. Printed wall art can most commonly be found on websites such as Etsy, Amazon, and Wayfair and can be a relatively cheap way to add an energetic aura to a room.