You Asked: Can I Fly with Edibles?

Edibles are popular cannabis-infused products that relieve stress and tension. It’s great to have them at hand but flying with them is a tricky adventure.

Edibles are a yummy and convenient way of fueling yourself with some heath-boosting chemicals. Cannabis edibles come in many forms, which are convenient to eat on the go or when traveling. It’s nice to have a CBD gummy after a long flight to promote better sleep and recovery. 

However, you should be aware that some cannabis edibles are prohibited on board. Differences in state cannabis laws create further confusion and may lead to awkward situations at the airport. Let’s determine what edibles are allowed on board and what marijuana products should better wait for you at home while you travel. 

Types of Edibles

Cannabis edibles are available in various forms and shapes. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Gummies;
  • Drinks;
  • Chocolates;
  • Candies;
  • Oils.

For the full list of best-tasting edibles, check the following link: Most edibles contain cannabidiol (CBD) as the main component, while others combine CBD with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for a powerful entourage effect. CBD and THC are key cannabis components, but they have different effects on the body and psyche, so they are usually treated differently by the law. For example, athletes are allowed to consume low CBD dosages but cannot eat THC-containing products. 

Luckily, many edibles with non-traceable THC amounts do not produce a high and can be consumed everywhere. But what about traveling? Is there a difference between CBD- and THC-infused edibles? 

What Edibles are Allowed/Prohibited? 

Federal law and many state laws prohibit the possession and transportation of any detectable amounts of marijuana. The tricky thing about the existing laws is that even if you travel from a state where marijuana is allowed to another state where it is legalized, you are still breaking the federal law that applies to all flights. Restrictions still work, even after President Biden pardoned people convicted of a federal crime for marijuana possession. 

However, TSA clarifies that it is allowed to travel with products that contain no more than 0.3% THC and cannabis products approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For now, only four cannabis-containing drugs have been FDA-approved:

  • Epidiolex;
  • Marinol;
  • Syndros;
  • Cesamet.

Thus, you will likely have no questions regarding your baggage if your CBD edibles contain non-traceable THC levels or are zero-THC. However, if you carry edibles in the form of drinks, you will still need to comply with regulations regarding liquid items. 

Will I Be Searched?

Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs. However, they will refer the matter to law enforcement officers if they encounter these substances during a standard security check. If you have a state-issued cannabis card or other documentation providing that you carry marijuana for medical purposes, TSA will still be required to notify law enforcement. Things may get complicated if you are already facing some marijuana-related charges. Moreover, some states may impose heavy fines on people possessing marijuana or even put them in jail. 

It is important to understand that THC-containing edibles safely packed deep inside your baggage may not be discovered. However, if they do, you may get into trouble. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to bring prohibited substances on board. 

How to Protect Yourself from Problems

Although laws are pretty straightforward regarding marijuana, things may work differently in practice. Some airports like LAX and O’Hare do not stop outbound passengers carrying an ounce or less of marijuana. So, you do not have to worry about traveling from these airports and having some edibles in your purse. 

If you arrive at the airport and realize that you have forgotten to take out edibles, you can throw them in the trash, flash them in the bathroom, or leave them in your car. Sometimes, TSA officers may ask you to dispose of cannabis before boarding. They may not even pay attention to low-dose cannabis edibles because they are not their primary concern. 

Flying from one marijuana-loyal state to another eliminates the dilemma of whether to bring edibles with you. Leave your favorite products at home and simply buy something new in the state you are planning to visit. In this case, you will avoid unnecessary stress and won’t have to throw away expensive products. 

International flights carry more risks. You need to know the destination country’s laws before bringing any cannabis edibles on board. Some countries may be very strict regarding marijuana, so be careful and check more information in advance. 

Summing Up

Traveling with your favorite CBD edibles may be convenient, as you won’t need to look for dispensaries while on a trip. However, boarding a plane with weed products has many legal nuances, which you should know inside out to avoid legal charges. 

To conclude, it is allowed to take CBD edibles containing less than 0.3% THC on board in the states loyal to medical and recreational weed. Other products may cause problems because TSA officers will have to report to law enforcement if they find them. The golden rule is to check your product labels and bring only allowed substances on board.