Your Lawyer From Nevada Provides Information On Family Law And Divorce

Family law is a field of law that, in addition to the legal skills of the lawyer, above all requires a lot of empathy with the (former) spouse. As a rule, family law only comes into the consciousness of the spouse in the case of a marital crisis – separation and divorce – but then with an intensity that was not previously seen. In our office in Las Vegas, we offer advice and representation from our specialist lawyer for family law as well as our lawyers with many years of experience in divorce and consequential matters.

Family law regulates the legal relationships of those who are linked by marriage and kinship.

The marriage contract precedes marriage

Getting married (same-sex couples have also been able to marry since October 1, 2017. Civil partnerships entered into up to September 2017 can be converted into marriages upon request) means taking responsibility. Not everyone is aware of the far-reaching consequences under family law at the time of marriage. Often one only comes to consciousness in the case of the failure of the relationship. However, a marriage contract in advance avoids disputes afterwards.

We advise you on family law before you enter into a marriage. You can sign a prenuptial agreement before the marriage, but also at any time afterwards.

We work with you to develop solutions that are tailored to your interests and, taking into account the current case law under family law, design a marriage contract with you in the event of failure that is by no means desirable, but nevertheless possible.

Because you have relatively extensive options for structuring your marriage contract, and the regulations can accordingly have significant economic and legal consequences, the law provides for the notarial certification of the marriage contract, Section 1410 of the American Civil Code. 

Do I even need a lawyer then?

The notary will advise you, but is professionally obliged to be neutral. However, because of the conflicting interests that often exist, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to represent interests.

Divorce lawyers with expertise and empathy

If the marriage is broken, it is essential to get in touch with a divorce lawyer as early as possible and get expert advice on the family law consequences of a separation and divorce. If not already set to be married in a marriage contract, are issues of child support, the separation of maintenance, the legal consequences of property rights, parental custody, how a parent treats common children, the division of household items and the marital home as well as tax issues related to separate assessment or joint assessment of the spouses in the area. Family law also answers the questions of what happens to the joint debts or the property that is jointly owned, or whether one has to pay for the debts of the spouse, for example.

As a law firm with competent and sensitive divorce lawyers, it is our task to find a solution that is fair and cost-effective for you, in line with your interests, right from the start. That is why it is our primary goal to bring about an out-of-court settlement. Since this presupposes that your partner also behaves fairly and that this is not always possible, we see it as our task to enforce your interests in front of the family court, if necessary, with the utmost severity, without looking at the costs to lose.

The role of divorce lawyer

The decision to separate or get a divorce is not an easy one. In this life crisis, the spouses often have doubts and fears, which make it even more difficult to break up the relationship. In particular, there are concerns about the financial consequences of divorce. Your own children also create inhibitions. It is precisely then that couples find it difficult to actually decide in favor of divorce. Therefore, good preparation and planned action are essential not only in the event of a dispute, but also in the case of an amicable separation. Our lawyers are happy to assist you with all their experience and expertise and support you in any matter.

Below you will find an overview of the central problem areas of a separation. We explain the steps involved in a divorce, clarify the costs of such and explain the consequences of a divorce.

Have you decided to divorce your spouse? We will help you and answer all your questions that may arise. Our team of lawyers at Right Lawyers advises and represents private individuals in all questions and problems that family law can bring with it.

Our divorce services

In the following we list some of our divorce law services for you. We offer you a solution tailored to your needs in all matters. Please contact us using our online form, give us a call or send us an email. We are here for you!

  • Divorce Uncontested
  • Division of property
  • Notarial divorce settlement
  • International divorce law
  • International custody cases
  • Enforcement of family court decisions from abroad.

Support with Right Lawyers

This page gives you a basic overview of divorce law. Do you need help and support in your divorce case? Whether your family law issue is of a national or international nature, our lawyers will be happy to help you. With our team at your side, the process runs smoothly. We offer you comprehensive legal support and do not forget the human aspect of such a case.

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