We welcome the new RNC

The National Movement Inkubiri has seen the Independence Day declaration by the New Rwanda National Congress (New RNC) released today in Washington DC by the founding member and Coordinator of the Rwanda National Congress, Dr Theogene Rudasingwa, and by some other key figures of the political organisation.

“An international conference on Rwanda, among all Rwandan opposition groups and civil society, must be convened to deliberate on a post-Kagame future on Rwanda, notably on the future of security institutions, truth and reconciliation, democracy with Rwandan safeguards, and regional peace and security. The networks of collaboration and coordination among Rwandan opposition groups and civil society must be strengthened”, said the statement.

We welcome this significant reform because it is in line with our objectives and hallmarks to work with other political organisations in exile.

The National Movement Inkubiri looks forward to equally successful cooperation in the future!

We wish you and all Rwandans a happy 54th Independence Day!


Done in Lyon (France), on 1st July 2016.

The National Movement Inkubiri

Eugene Ndahayo