208,863 Households In Kagame’s Rwanda Are Connected To Piped Water

Paul Kagame

By David Himbara

The government of President Paul Kagame’s increased piped water connections from 110,000 to 219,185 in seven years. Of 219,185 connections, 208,863 are households.

RURA Data: Increase in piped water from 2012 to March 2018

This is how Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) explains this miserable record: the number of connected water customers “increased by 6.8% from 205,187 recorded at the end of 2017 to 219,185 customers recorded as of March 2018.”

As just noted, of the 219,185 connected water customers, 208,863 are households. And, 47% of the water connections are located in “the City of Kigali while 53% of them are distributed in the provinces.” 

RURA Data: with a population of 1.3 Million, Kigali consumes 47% of piped water, while the rest of the population of 11.7 shares 53%.

Rwanda has 2.4 Million households, which therefore means that only 8.7% (208,863) households are connected to the piped water system. Kagame’s propagandists would have you believe that he is a visionary transformative leader. Ask the 91.3% of the Rwandan people who drink the dirty, muddy and brown water of River Nyabarongo and the rest of the country’s polluted water systems. Shame!