Canadian diplomacy is trampling Saudi Arabia. And what about its links with Africa and Haiti?

Justin Trudeau and Prince Mohammed bin Salman

We did not believe that such serious diplomatic clumsiness could happen to our government. But the warning signs were already there since the G7 summit in Charlevoix and well before. This government is in fact disconnected from reality and has lost contact with the peoples who brought it to power. The people who govern us would be like dictators who act only for their interests and their pleasure. They are like lost children. They act without thinking and without thinking about the consequences of their actions. This time, social networks played a trick on them.


At the root of the problem is a call from the Canadian Foreign Ministry to release activists jailed in Saudi Arabia. In her short message, launched on August 3 on Twitter, Canadian diplomacy says its “grave concern” about the arrests of Saudi human rights activists. “We call on the Saudi authorities to immediately release them and all other peaceful human rights activists,” it said. In response, the Saudi regime announced last Sunday the expulsion of Canada’s ambassador to Riyadh and freeze any business relationship in response to Ottawa’s repeated criticism of the repression of human rights activists. In addition, he gave the Canadian diplomat 24 hours to leave the country and recalled his ambassador to Canada for “consultations” in a sudden hardening of relations between the two countries. Samar Badawi, Raïf Badawi’s sister in prison for 6 years, is believed to be among those arrested.

It is well known that this Arab country is facing a war with its neighbor Yemen for some time and the outcome of this conflict with disastrous consequences is uncertain. In addition, a wind of freedom took hold of his youth and his population in general. New technologies have been there. Thus this monarchy has made a change to accommodate social demands increasingly demanding and pressing. In addition, the management of oil, which is the main national resource, has become a subject of concern for Saudi society, which is hungry for freedom and openness to the rest of the world. In addition to this domestic pressure, human rights organizations as well as some Western countries are missing no opportunity to remind this country of the Gulf, its poor performance in terms of human rights. This is probably the subject of last week’s Tweet, sent by Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland, following further arrests of peace activists.

Analysis of the situation after Canada’s diplomatic foolishness and its isolation

In form, saying that the Canadian government is concerned is not serious and is even innocent and it is politically correct to say so. As for demanding the immediate release of arrested persons, is an unacceptable language. Because we do not know the reasons that led to these arrests. Our diplomacy simply assumed that the Saudi regime is one that violates human rights and therefore the arrest should not have taken place. It would have been necessary politely to ask the authorities of this country, explanations in a more appropriate form and in the respect of the rules of their justice. In the background, our country confused speed and haste and threw its eyes closed on a track strewn with pitfalls and impracticable. Canada does not have the power and the prerogative to demand something or to give orders to another country. Only the United Nations can do it in very special circumstances.

Even then, it is questionable and this could pave the way for judicial or other arbitration. In diplomacy, there are several channels of communication. But public Tweets are to be avoided because the recipient receives them at the same time as others for whom, they are not necessarily intended. The urgent dispatch of an emissary or any other form of direct contact to inquire about the situation would have been better indicated. Moreover, in Muslim Eastern culture, discretion and respect are fundamental concepts that Canada has not been able to observe by spreading its message of protest in the public square. This country of the gulf is very important to the eyes of the world. Not only is it the cradle of Islam but also and most importantly, its oil wealth is distributed in many countries for whom they are vital. Unfortunately, some Western powers would abuse Muslim countries because of their negative prejudice by allowing them to act in any way towards them. While they dare not do it to their own allies. Canada did interfere in the internal affairs of Saudi Arabia. This is a blatant case of interference, as Russia has acknowledged. Our country was wrong and we understand very well the vexation felt by Mohammed Ben Salman Al-Saud, the prince inherit.

Sanctions and isolation as consequences of the nonsense of Canadian diplomacy.

After recalling his ambassador and his students, Saudi Arabia ordered Saudi patients seeking treatment in Canadian hospitals to leave the country. Canadian universities rely heavily on foreign students, of whom the Saudis are one of the largest contingents according to the local press. The Kingdom has also instructed its central bank and government pension plans to sell all Canadian assets they have in their possession. She decided to cancel all flights to and from Toronto, Canada. These measures will surely cause job losses even if the impact of the latter is minimized. In the West we do not joke with employment. Any job lost is too much. It is our livelihood and we live very hard without a job. Most of the people here have debts with credit cards, mortgages, cars, and the usual family expenses like food or whatever. Without income we are on the ground. Divorces, Mental illnesses such as depression or others and suicide are often the consequences of job loss.

So, no country has wanted to follow ours in its diplomatic adventurism. The United States and the European Union did not want to interfere. Especially the country of Uncle Sam has advised us publicly to regulate our different selves. The others have observed a deafening silence and perhaps dream of replacing us in this country with enormous potentialities. Above all, they do not want to risk losing their economic ties with this important oil country. Apparently, our country has already sought help from other countries such as Germany, which have had in the past a rude relationship with the Wahhabi regime. But we do not know the results of these steps.

After all, it’s the law of competition, and every country is watching its rear and watching over its interests. Good leaders care about the future of their people and work tirelessly to improve the lot of their people. Some of our ignorant, neglected, primitive and rough Canadian politicians are doing everything to harm the interests of their people. It is expected that our country will kneel to apologize for the diplomatic blunder of our foreign ministry. Our diplomats are like children who are asked not to ride to avoid getting hurt. They refuse and once up, they start crying because they are afraid to jump and they do not know how to get off. It is sad and humiliating to see our plenipotentiaries belittle us. The incompetence, arrogance and ignorance of our government are well established. Foolishness and diplomatic failures accumulate and accumulate from day to day. Trans Mountain pipeline expansion has recently been reported to cost the federal government $ 1.9 billion more than Kinder Morgan’s original estimate, and construction could be completed a year later than expected, according to Kinder Morgan. Kinder Morgan Canada’s documents. The tiles regularly fall on this government that does not think about the interests of taxpayers.

Nevertheless, diplomatic relations are not cut off and discussions are continuing. We would like to maintain our friendly, economic and political ties with this brother country that supplies us with oil and with whom we have a $ 15 billion contract for the supply of vehicles.

Would our Canadian compatriots abroad and our rulers mistreat Africa and Haiti?

These days there are several topics coming back to the table on Canada’s behavior in Africa and Haiti. This large sum of $ 8 million is the subject of tax evasion allegations in which a Canadian company is involved. The promise not held by the Canadian Embassy in Dakar in the village of Montreal in Senegal. There is also talk of the former president of Senegal accusing a Canadian company of wanting to scam them into a contract to improve the supply of electricity to his country.

So what about Guinean bauxite in Kampar? According to a survey by Michèle Ouimet of the daily La Presse, the bauxite treatment plant in Kamsar, Guinea, is experiencing repeated oil spills and gaseous emissions. According to the Ministry of Environment of Guinea, Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée does not take precautions to respect the environment and the local population. Dust escaping from the chimneys of the plant would be toxic. The inhabitants of the city suffer from acute respiratory problems. The dust contains silica, lead and cadmium. It would contaminate the blood and be carcinogenic, according to the laboratory head of the Ministry of the Environment, Sékouba Daloga. The Rio Tinto Alcan general manager in Guinea, Robert Théorêt, refutes these claims. According to him, the dust is unpleasant, but not toxic.

In Montreal, concern over the Haitian community in Quebec following a report from TVA Nouvelles, which revealed Wednesday that 501 Haitian asylum seekers had been expelled by the Canada Border Services Agency since 2017. The Non-Status Action Committee blames Canada for lack of judgment, and considers that Haiti is not a safe place.

In any case, the voices rise to deny these unspeakable behaviors. The lack of judgment of our representatives would make our country break through the rubicon. Canadians with their broken promise, what a Western diplomacy has never dared to do in Africa. The former colonial powers have often been criticized as creators of misfortune. But what about new settlers who are more thirsty for wealth? In any case, the master cards that they are playing show us that they are monsters without soul and without mercy and that they will spare people. Africans must say NO as Saudi or others do, to some of these behaviors of outsiders who betray the interests of their people.

The Canadian government must first solve its problems at home

Regardless of the angle at which the thing is observed, regardless of the organization that compiles the data, the findings are consistent year after year: people from diverse backgrounds face discrimination of all kinds in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.

Following a nine-day tour across Canada, the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples said that measures taken to redress historical wrongs and lift indigenous peoples out of extreme poverty were “Insufficient”. At the top of the richest countries in the world, however, Canada is a poor country for the living conditions of indigenous people, explained the UN rapporteur in substance. Suicide is reaching alarming levels, according to Anaya. “The rate of suicide among Native American or Inuit youth is more than five times higher than among Canadians” and, in one of the reserves visited, “suicide has been counted every 6 weeks” since the beginning of the year. The rapporteur also noted the dangers faced by Aboriginal women who are eight times more likely to be murdered than in the rest of Canada and the rate of incarceration is “disproportionately high” among Native Americans.

The Canadian government must tackle its domestic problems. Our immature diplomacy has done some nonsense and it should apologize. In the meantime, I am sure the Canadian and Saudi peoples will work together, hand in hand, to the delight of their citizens.

Gondiel Ka

Montreal, Canada,

[email protected]

Africa Canada Relationship Expertise