7 Trends To Look Out For In Youtube Marketing In Post Covid World

YouTube has been our go-to place for entertainment as well as for gaining information about any topic. 

It has emerged as an essential tool for marketers as more than 48% of marketers are looking to include YouTube in their marketing strategies.

If we look at the stats, YouTube has more than a billion active users and more than 1/3rd of the total time spent online by people is spent on YouTube. 

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It is a truly global platform with services available in 76 languages!

The scale of YouTube is massive. This has caught the eyes of marketers, and they are actively looking for effective ways to develop their marketing strategies tailored around videos. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the advertisement industry to its core, but video marketing seems to be taking off against all the odds. 

In fact, investing in a promo video is one of the best marketing spends that you can make today.

If you are looking to deploy a video marketing strategy of your own, here are the 7 trends that you must analyze before jumping on to YouTube marketing in the post COVID world.

7 YouTube Marketing Trends In The Post COVID World

If you are looking to nail your video marketing strategy, here are the top 7 YouTube marketing trends that you should look out for in the post COVID world.

1. More long-form content creation

Brands and businesses who rely on YouTube for their marketing needs are pushing long-form content more than ever. 

The culmination of information and value gets the viewer engaged for longer, and they are more likely to deem long & well-crafted videos as high-quality.

If we look at the stats from the COVID induced lockdown, it was observed that people are looking for long-form content more than ever as the perceived value of long videos is higher than short-form videos.

2. Short video ads will become highly popular

Remember the 6 second long YouTube bumper ads? 

These ads perfectly suited the short attention span of the human brain and will find an enormous resurgence in the post-COVID world.

By simply using a YouTube intro maker, creating short-form video ads have become more popular than ever. This ease in short-form video creation will drive YouTube marketing in the coming times.

3. Video SEO will gain prominence

Marketers have overlooked video SEO in the past, but with the recent surge in video marketing statistics, marketers are expected to adopt advanced video SEO techniques in the coming times.

Video SEO enables a higher level of search engine discovery and helps marketers maximize the ROI from their video marketing software investments.

This also enables videos to appear at the top in search results, thereby enhancing business visibility.

4. Video creation will become seamless

On the contrary to the popular notion, video creation is now easier than ever. 

With advanced AI-driven video creation platforms gaining momentum, creating quality videos has become a simple, streamlined, and effortless process.

This technological advancement will pave the way for quick and cheap video creation that will be massively adopted by brands and businesses. 

Hence, there will be a huge increase in the number of videos being sent out by marketers on the YouTube platform. 

By simply using an outro maker, marketers can seamlessly integrate robust CTA’s in their YouTube videos that can help them in fast and effective video creation.

5. Live videos will emerge highly popular

Although live videos have been around for a few years, it is the post-COVID era that will boost its prominence among viewers. 

Events have been pushed online. Even Apple, the company that pioneered live announcements, had to push their WWDC 2020 online that was live-streamed to viewers worldwide.

This has opened the doors for more live videos, and more brands are likely to follow a similar path in the future. 

Live videos also generate higher engagement than their non-live counterparts that will make them highly appealing for marketers in the post-COVID video marketing environment.

6. Mobile video marketing will be prominent

More than 70% of all the YouTube views come from mobile devices. This portrays a huge potential in the mobile video marketing that is expected to gain an enormous upsurge in the coming days. 

The portable nature of mobile devices enables anywhere media consumption, and this has driven the demand for high-quality videos. 

The trend towards mobile video consumption is not going to fade anytime soon, and this YouTube marketing trend is likely to stay similar in the future.

7. Data-driven video creation will become conventional

In the crowded digital world filled with advertisers and competitors, the only way to rise the ranks and be viewed by the relevant audience is by creating data-driven videos. 

Analytics backed video creation will take center stage and can help YouTube marketers in reaching their audience effectively.

Video analytics empowers video creators with the right information regarding their target audience, such as their age group, gender, or demographic.

This enables impactful video creation that has an enormous reach and can help in creating highly engaging YouTube marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts

With more than a billion active users, YouTube marketing certainly needs its fair share of attention. 

YouTube has emerged as a serious marketing platform that helps your brand in connecting with its audience in a truly amazing way.

YouTube is now the world’s second-largest search engine, falling just behind Google in terms of search queries. 

Deploying apt YouTube marketing strategies will not only increase your organic traffic but will ensure that your brand’s message reaches the audience effectively.