PUSHED TO HUNGER – STARVATION IN SHADOW OF STARDOM: Hidden famine crisis that is shatering lives in Rwanda

A 5 months’ investigation by the Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Rights has established that since November 2015 more than 3 Million Rwandans are at the verge of starvation and more than 150,000 Rwandans have emigrated out of the country mostly to Uganda due to a ravaging famine, particularly in the Eastern and Southern Provinces.

The famine has been named and known as “Nzaramba” which means ‘’I will live long’’The Rwandan government has blamed the climate change to be mainly responsible for poor harvests in some areas of Rwanda.

However, our investigation has revealed that there are many more important causes behind the current famine and increasing poverty in Rwanda including poor agricultural policies, decline of economy, regular distortion of population, lack of freedom of expression.

The investigation found out that the international community, particularly relevant stakeholders are not fully aware about the extend of this situation and consequences to affected populations.

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