Today, the world is in the digital age, from the way of learning to the way of doing business, almost everything is carried out online. Technology has led to so many innovations, for example you can sit in the comfort of your office or home to have a conversation with an individual through the latest applications like Zoom. Also, most of the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have developed the better version of apps that perfectly permits voice calls and video calls. Furthermore, some of the top casinos in the world like the King billy casino have developed reliable online gaming platforms, to enable their gamers enjoy live games from any authorized location. Truly, the world has evolved from the analogue age and you should look towards creating relevance in this digital age.

Making money online should be the first thing that should come to your mind in 2020 because due to the current economic situation caused by the global pandemic, so many companies are no longer employing new workers. However, you can secure a job that will take care of you and your family in these harsh economic times if you start an online job. Making money online is easy, faster and hassle-free and you can make money online in 2020 through the following 8 ways.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the proven ways to make real money in 2020. Blogging is a fantastic way to share ideas and make real money. Blogging involves the sharing of information on a particular niche by posting information about the topic on a platform to engage an audience. Becoming a blogger is easy and all you need to do is to choose a topic, a blog name, a domain extension for the blog and you will be good to go. Also, you can further set up the blog by blog hosting and blog software and most importantly, you can monetize your blog using sponsored contents, paid advertisements and business partnerships. 

  1. Online tutoring

Online tutoring is simply the act of offering online lessons on a particular subject to people at a certain price. It is one of the online jobs that is in high demand because so many people now go online everyday to learn new things. You can tutor on subjects like mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and many other subjects. Online tutoring is one of the proven ways you can make real money online in 2020.

  1. App creation

Creating new apps is another proven way to make real money in 2020. You can create an app that solves a problem or provide entertainment or an app that provides some unique functions to the user. Creating apps sometimes require good programming skills and becoming a creative programmer will help you have a good idea on some of the necessary things involved in app creation. After creating an app, placing your apps in mobile app stores like Playstore for users to access will bring you some cool cash.

  1. Graphics design

Almost all the biggest companies in the world now have online platforms. For example King Billy CA, one of the top casino companies that offer some of the best odds for gaming in the casino industry, now has one of the best online gaming platforms for their customers to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. If a big casino company can join the emerging trend, then you should also look towards making money online and one of the ways you can do so is by becoming a graphics designer. Graphics designing is a proven way to make real money online; due to the fact that most meetings and seminars are now done online and millions of people are in serious need of a graphics designer to produce the perfect design for their online brand or webinar. Becoming a graphics designer will fetch you a lot of money in today’s world and using apps like Photoshop and Illustrator will be of immense help to you. Also, registering on professional sites like LinkedIn or Fiver will help you get lots of jobs.

  1. YouTube Video Producer

You have probably heard of YouTube, but one thing you may not know about YouTube is that producers that upload those videos you watch on various channels that have more than one thousand subscribers are making real money every day. To make money, you can seek to become a YouTube video producer and it is easy, all you have to do is to pick a topic on a particular niche and start making your money too.

  1. Web Development

Web development is another proven way to make real money online in 2020. Due to restrictions in some places, most companies now look for a web developer to create online apps for them so that their customers can access them anywhere in the world. For example, king billy casino recently paid a large sum of money to a web developer to design their amazing gaming app that has been rated as one of the best in the world. You can build websites for companies and people using tools like Wix.com, Shopify and WordPress. 

  1. Social media influencing

Social media influence involves making money from social media through the use of sponsored posts, paid advertisements and guest appearances at live shows. To become a social media influencer, you have to build a large following over time; however, social media influencing is one of the 8 proven ways to make real money online in 2020.

  1. Copywriting

Becoming a good copywriter depends on your ability to master the use of words, phrases and ideas to create non-plagiarized contents for blogs and websites. It is massively proving to be one of the fastest ways to make real money online in 2020 and if you wish to become a master of this craft, websites like Mediabistro, Freelance writing and Problogger will be of immense help to you.

Conclusively, the world has truly gone digital and most companies are following the emerging trend. Some of the big companies like king billy casino, one of the best online casinos in the world for casino gaming have employed their resources to create mobile apps and online gaming platforms, that will allow their customers to enjoy games from anywhere in the world. I strongly advise that you follow this trend, to make real money online too and if you are not sure of the online work to do, this article is highly recommended for you.