The bail for Karake Karenzi [KK], the Rwandan general under house arrest in UK since 25/06/15 was decided by the judge to be £1,000,000.

The Rwandan primary teacher is presently paid £34.61 per month, when he or she is lucky to have her salary on time.

After some estimations, one finds out that with the amount of that bail, 100 primary teachers could be paid their current monthly salary for 24 years.

The insanity of the situation resides in the object of the bail: to keep out of prison but under house arrest the Rwandan general who is accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes that could be considered as genocide in front of a court.

Wouldn’t ve been more wise to keep him in prison, even for his own safety because after careful analysis he might fall victim of an accident while out IF Kagame sees him as a liability, instead of seeking such a costly bail?

RPF structures have as a consequence started pressurising Rwandans to contribute to a KK Fund to pay for his bail.

Lets remember that the Rwandan government budget is funded by foreign aid at the level of more than 40%.

Ambrose Nzeyimana