ADA accepted as payment over 7M businesses ADA to masses

ADA can get accepted for payment at more than 7 million businesses. This is because of the new plug-in of ADA pay. One blockchain fintech platform named COTI shared this new update in one of its current tweets. Such a new plug-in got developed as a part of COTI’s new Catalyst project. On Odoo this ADA Pay plug-in got developed. It is focused on midsize merchants and businesses. Odoo or On-Demand Open Object includes enterprises starting from small-scale startups to larger ones. If you want to start bitcoin mining, you can easily mine bitcoin using your android device.

The gateway of ADA Pay caught all attention with the goal to bring ADA to the masses. Merchants are capable of accepting ADA payments with plugin uses. It is carried on with instant settlement. Previously COTI shared another ADA play plugin designed for accepting ADA payments for 8 platforms such as WooCommerce, WordPress, and so on.

Such an initiative will allow users to pay in ADA. It will be aiding in global adoption. Medium businesses that accept ADA will be marking a huge milestone for ADA in their bigger global adoption.

Cardano drew the attention of whales

The BSC whales are interested in ADA. Cardano was seen to regain the position in the leading ten bought tokens among the 4,000 largest BSC whales in the past 24 hours. ADA holds 6th place in the leading 10 purchased tokens list among the leading 100 BSC whales. It is part of the category of the leading 10 small-cap holdings among the top 100 BSC whales.

The increased interest is because of the team planning many developments. Cardano is catching attention as the release of the Vasil hard fork is nearing. As per a current statement by Duncan Coutts, this team is committed to a work regarding many modifications for Cardano. The team was working on various blockchain improvements. Many of these modifications behind-the-scenes have been discussed of late by Duncan Coutts. According to him many upcoming initiatives will be transforming Cardano and will be having a huge impact on the community. The team is highly concentrated to enhance performance, interoperability, and scalability.

Challenge faced by COTI Project Catalyst

The ADA Pay of COTI was integrated into the platform of Odoo. Thus it became possible for businesses to accept Cardano payments. They stated that the plugin of the ADA Pay was integrated successfully into the Odoo. Such an initiative will be enabling more than 7 million middle-sized businesses in accepting Cardano as a payment form.

As per a current declaration, this initiative was possible by one of the COTI’s Project Catalyst winners named Rodolfo Miranda. She integrated this ADA Pay plugin into Odoo. This open-source business application solution services over 7 million clients. It has not only large enterprises but also startups.

It was noted by COTI that this ADA payment service has been built on the blockchain of Cardano. It was developed essentially for businesses searching for ways of accepting Cardano as a payment method. Thus payments could be instantly settled.

Explaining all details of the challenge of this project, COTI noted that many teams got invited for developing a solution of the ADA Pay plugin. It can get integrated into many e-commerce platforms. Out of the received 16 entries, five such projects got funded with the aim to deliver the solution of the ADA Pay plugin for this platform.

The developer integrating the plugin solution on this platform mentioned that delivering such a project can never get more streamlined. This ADA Pay API will simplify the process of development. It is properly documented. The team of COTI was too prompted to support them with every query and concern. The dedication and professionalism of COTI got appreciation. Such initiative became possible via the collaboration of Miranda with the Development and Business Development teams of COTI.


ADA Pay solution’s adoption hugely grew in the last few months. It suggested an increasing interest in Cardano’s acceptance as a payment form. As per a report, last month Wolfram Blockchain Labs adopted the service of payment for the sale of its NFT. The NFT Innovation Projects’ product owner named Greta Gawianski left a comment. She said that they are working to develop many solutions for supporting and improving NFTs on Cardano. She also added that such a partnership with COTI is important for adding life to this product.