Africa Is Changing The Startup Game – Here’s How

Find the most worthwhile startups of advice as Africa changes the startup game entirely. Africa solves problems rather than focus on consumerism.

The Ecosystem of Thriving Startups in Africa

Africa is a great place when it comes to startups and technological innovation. While you may think that these two things do not mix well, the fact is many African countries are rapidly catching up and, in many cases, they are even leading the way. 

According to Tony Sloterman, product owner at Casino Bonuses Finder, the best way to innovate is to identify current market needs. 

For example, his product,, relies on a deeper understanding of consumer trends, but that is once again the result of innovation and particularly in the online gaming segment. Innovation comes in many forms, too. He also speaks about something known as the “infinite mindset,” which essentially tells you that the only way to expect unexpected events is to build an ecosystem that thrives because of its prescience rather than chasing some short-term objectives.

This is precisely what is happening in Africa insofar as its startup ecosystem goes. Africa’s startups are not centered on Western or Eastern concepts of success, but rather, these companies focus on what the region needs and how it can forward its cause. That is precisely why the African ecosystem thrives.

Building Startups That Focus on Local Needs

The biggest reason behind the huge success of African startups is that they try to solve real-world problems. In many ways, these apps focus on survivalist qualities more so than on consumerism. In other words, startups try to determine rainfalls, climate changes, and crop plantation success rates.

They develop special solutions that allow you to monitor crops in real-time in the arid and often unwelcoming conditions of the African continent. There are startups that focus on converting more drinkable water and making sure that people and crops get what they need to thrive.

As you can see, African startups are heavily focused on turning success stories at home without being influenced by outside forces. To put it this way, these startups continually troubleshoot and resolve localized problems which are what ultimately get them ahead in the game. 

Creating Sustainable and Lasting Solutions

Not only are these startups focusing on catering to local needs – but they are also creating solutions that pave the way for even bigger innovation. Aridity, drought, and a host of other features are common for Africa, but science allows us to convert resources and build upon them to enable us to carry out activities in a cheap and energy-efficient way.

Whether that has to do with water or energy, it’s up to each startup to decide what they want to tackle. Desert greening, for example, is a startup technology that has repeatedly shown improvements over local communities and climates and can lead to positive long-term gains.

Of course, present generations may struggle a little as they realize that the changes that will take place in 30 years’ time will most likely benefit others more so than themselves. That is precisely the type of thinking that most startups try to go against.

Many people today feel daunted to try and change the future because the present often looks unpalatable. However, startup culture is there to make it possible for people to tackle just that. The African ecosystem of startups is quickly evolving, presenting locals with new opportunities, and that is precisely what we should welcome.

Countries around the region are building a startup culture that will last and prove a resilient and inspiring source of innovation across the entire continent.