Thinking of finding a new hobby? Try app development

Recent studies have shown that people, no matter their age group, spend more time surfing the net and using mobile apps than cooking or watching TV series. Nowadays, you will find thousands of apps on Google Play Store and Apple store that keep on getting added on a daily basis. So, it becomes a lot difficult to actually pick and choose any one particular app for the service you want.

With people’s growing demand towards using mobile apps these days, businesses are looking forward to mobile app developers more so than ever. They just want the experts to create an easily navigable and interesting app, which will keep on attracting more crowds towards their side. So, if you want to pursue a hobby, which will make it easier for you to earn some money later, start building apps!

If you are super into coding and love creating new meaningful technical options, then app-building is your go-to jam. Andromo Academy provides a vast selection of guides on app development. So, just because you are a novice with no clue that does not mean app building is not your cup of tea. You can easily now make one!

Now you must be wondering why app development is a hobby. If you think about it, there are various other hobbies that you can work with. But, why app development all of a sudden! Well, let’s find out the answer. 

End up with high salary job later:

Recent studies have shown that an average salary scale of an Android developer is around $98,000 annually. When the matter revolves around iOS app developers, then the salary hikes up to over $100,000. So, if you think about it, that’s a pretty good deal for your yearly income. An average annual income of a doctorate person will be around $81,000. So, if you think it that way, app development seems to be a prospective career option!

Now for the app revenue right on the UP:

It is true to state that salaries for mobile development are always towards the higher scale, especially if you consider the app revenue and the future it holds. From what the calculations have been made, it is clear to state that these mobile apps are projected to earn over $190 billion in revenue through app stores and in-app advertising. 

  • The growth of in-app advertising in 2020 was pretty much double the amount in 2016. That’s a huge leap if you consider the short span of time in between!
  • The demand is high for app developers these days:
  • Nowadays, technical jobs are at the highest demanding rate. By the end of 2024, it is projected that there will be a 12% more hike in the tech employment business. 
  • By the year 2024, there will be extra 50,000 jobs in the technical field. 
  • Mobile app development has already been included as one of the top 13 tech jobs in 2018. This section is still keeping up to this name!
  • All successful app developers must have fluency in various programming languages like HTMl5, Java, Python, and Swift, C++, and C #. 
  • On the other hand, app developers with years of UX and UI design experience will add some extra value to the project management section.
  • This point becomes even truer as IoT and wearable techniques are here to grow. Wearable technologies are not just your headphones or digital watch, but they have web connections and some smart sensors for tapping wirelessly into smartphones!
  • So, such sensors will help in achieving goals, like weight loss, fitness, and more. On the other hand, IoT will refer to device connectivity, like alarm systems, kitchen appliances, and more, to the world of the internet. 

The final say:

For such future technologies, there is indeed a growing need for apps these days. So, there will always be a good need for reputed app developers. Start young by taking app building as your hobby. So, when the time finally comes to earn some money and shape up your career, you can take your years of experience in creating outstanding apps for business uses. You will be a prime find, and companies will spend huge packages on your salary.