African Humour: The Shenanigans at Rwanda Social Security Board

The new CEO of Rwanda Social Security Fund (RSSB) says on the agency website that “these are exciting times for RSSB” and speaks of “passion, expertise, reliability, and innovative nature” Rwandans should expect in management of their money.

If you believe this, you need medical help.

In the past 4 years, leadership of RSSB has changed hands 4 times as follows:

1) Henry Gaperi, resigns in 2010 – but is in for another shock. After handing over, he got a summons to report to police to explain why he resigned, before subsequently being allowed to leave Rwanda for IMF job in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania;

2) Africa Ramba, who was Gaperi’s deputy takes over – but kicked out in 2011;

3) Angelique Kantengwa takes over, dumped in January 2014;

4) Daniel Ufitikirezi takes over.

Seven months later (09 September 2014), Angelique Kantengwa arrested allegedly for corruption.

What next? Keep an eye on the head of state, and you will get your answer in due course.

Dr David Himbara