After consultations with Rwanda, Uganda has changed its mind.No place for Karegeya’s burial

Museveni’s hypocricy for political survival has no descent limit. Has Museveni just discovered that Patrick Karegeya is not Ugandan?

Patrick Karegeya was the first and last Makerere University student to stand for the University’s Students Presidency on UPM ticket. That was in 1980! Museveni was the UPM political party boss. Museveni supported Karegeya that time. Karegyeya was the sole cordinator for mobilizing the elite for recruitment into Museveni’s then rebel ranks.

Patrick Karegeya did this job for Museveni until 1982 when he was arrested for his ” connections” with the then Museveni’s rebels.

In 1985, when the then junta leader – Gen. Okelo Lutwa- sought to sweet-talk Museveni into stopping his rebel activities, among the Ugandans whose immediate and unconditional release Museveni demanded was Patrick Karegeya.

After Karegeya’s release from Luzila Maximum prison, Patrick Karegeya’s bounced back into Museveni’s rebels ranks. All that time Patrick was Ugandan because he served Museveni’s interests!!!

Museveni’s right-hand assassin in Uganda and Uganda’s Police boss is a brother to Kagame’s chief assassin ( Gen. Jack Nzinza), the ” master-planner” for Patrick Karegeya’s assassination.

Why doesn’t Museveni tell Ugandans that Uganda’s Police boss is not Ugandan since his brothe Jack Nziza is not Ugandan?

Does one need to be Ugandan to be buried in Uganda? Patrick Karegeya was born in Uganda, 53 years ago. His parents have their family land. They are not asking Museveni for land to bury their son.

What right does Museveni’s government have to prevent Karegeya’s family from burying their son in Uganda? The answer is simple. Kagame was scared of Karegeya’s popularity, capacities and capabilities. That’s why Kagame assassinated Patrick Karegeya.

If Patrick Karegeya were to be baried in Uganda, Kagame is scared of the psychological impact Karegeya’s body and burial would have on many people in Uganda. Kagame knows that Patrick recruited many of Museveni’s army officers; he is aware that Karegeya’s body and burial in Uganda can only serve to strengthen people’s resolve to kick out the insane Hitler of Africa, Kagame.

Museveni and Kagame are partner-in-crime for their political survival. That why Museveni’s junta now says Patrick’s family cannot bury their son because Patrick was not Ugandan!!! Unfortunately, both Museveni and Kagame are chasing wind. It’s almost time for the two blood thirsty dictators to go. I hope they took note of how Ghadafi ended.

Charles Kambanda