The brother of the first suspect in Col Karegeya death close to President Kagame!

In the “KAREGEYA Patrick” murder case, the first suspect is GAFARANGA Apollo, aka GAFARANGA Kiririsi, aka GAFARANGA Ismael, aka ISMAEL Kiririsi, the Kigali businessman with the white Porsche who allured Patrick KAREGEYA to his death.

A FB networker discoverd two interesting documents on Youtube, that you could also find with a google searching motor, f.e. During the “London Rwanda Day” (that means the Agaciro plunder campaign organozed by C.E.O. KAGAME businessman of Rwanda Unlimited) in 2013, the brother of GAFARANGA Apollo, a certain GAFARANGA Amini, has been pictured close to Rwanda president KAGAME Paul. Next is another picture, taken in Kigali on 2011.09.30.

This shows that there are close business relations between KAGAME Paul and the GAFARANGA Apollo Kiririsi Ismael family.

Can anyone add any complementary information to fill the gaps in this despicable evil/business network?

Here is also a short video about these two guys, KAGAME Paul and GAFARANGA Amini, taken during the London Day 2013:

Here is also a video with Minister GATETE Claver and GAFARANGA Amini, taken during the Rwanda Day London 2013:

Source:Agacurama mu Kibunda