All You Need To Know When It Comes To Free Spins

Taking advantage of free spin offers is a great way to find your feet at an online casino. A helping hand is always appreciated, and free spins allow new and loyal players to get a taste for the best online casinos without having to wager any of their own money. 

But where is the catch? Free spins aren’t just a gift, they are a major promotional tool. 

To make the most out of offers, it pays to be aware that they shouldn’t always be taken at face value. 

Free spins vary in nature from site to site. Finding the right deal for you means ticking these boxes: what the offer is, how easy it is to redeem, and whether or not the fine print sits well with you.

This article will serve as the guide to everything you need to know about free spins. Read on to discover all the do’s and don’ts when selecting an optimum promotional offer. 

How many free spins make a good offer? 

When playing at an online casino, you’ll likely notice a disparity in what platforms offer when vying for your business. 

From a measly low figure all the way up to a seemingly generous 300+, some free spin deals clearly stand out above the rest. However, often things just seem too good to be true.

Strikingly large offers should be treated with a degree of scepticism. Equally you shouldn’t be settling for frugal casinos who hold spins close to their chest. 

The perfect free spin deal is akin to finding Goldilocks porridge — it should sit just right. Ignore the fancy ads and think about what type of offer will sit right with your style of play. 

Are you an experienced high stakes player? Large offers requiring bigger deposits might be the way to go. But if you’re new to the scene, opting for a lower sum that needs a modest deposit is great for testing the waters. 

Either way you will need to do your research and compare free spins from a variety of casinos. This way you’ll get a good idea of the best free spins casinos around for your needs.  

Are they really free? 

Nothing is ever completely free. But this much is true: free spins are not directly taxing on your bank account right away. 

However, promotional deals like this wouldn’t be on the table if the casino didn’t believe it would benefit in some way or another. 

The casino makes its money from you in the long term, by expecting you to feed real money into the games to keep on playing. The idea is to get you playing with the intention of you returning beyond the initial offer. 

Not keen on spending real money? There will always be an inevitable financial cost when it comes to gambling, though there are ways to draw out more free spins from your chosen online casino. 

Free spins can often be earned while you play. It’s always worth checking whether your casino offers bonus rounds during play where you can win some free spins. 

Additionally, many casinos grant free spins as a birthday gift, or if you share your experience on social media.

Always check the terms and conditions

You have compared the best deals and understood the reality of free spins. Now it’s time to read the fine print. 

Before committing to a nice shiny offer, always spend time reading over the terms and conditions. 

The casino will often place limitations on your bets when dealing in free spins. Every platform is different, and with that comes new offers and varied limitations.

Sometimes playing with free spins is like driving down the autobahn with a speed limiter – the casino restricts your until real money gets involved. 

Often such restrictions come in the form of a cap, which determines how much cash can be won from a free spin. Alternatively, you may be subject to wagering requirements. Or the offer is game specific, meaning the spins are not valid across the gamepage. 

Regardless it’s worth knowing these things and judging whether it’s a deal breaker before committing to the deal. 

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Free spins are a fantastic bonus for new and loyal players. Although, they aren’t quite as ‘free’ as you’d be led to believe. 

Remember, free spins are great while they last. But the casino won’t stay free for long.